I feel like I'm always fading into the background, like a ghost wandering through a world that doesn't see me. It's as if my presence is just an afterthought to everyone around me.

Every day, I walk through the halls of Elmore Junior High with my head down, trying to avoid eye contact with anyone who might notice me. The other students pass by without so much as a second glance in my direction. I'm just another face in the crowd, easily forgotten and overlooked.

Even when I try to speak up or make myself heard, it's like no one listens. My voice gets lost in the noise of their laughter and chatter, drowned out by more confident personalities that demand attention.

Being part of Tina's gang only makes things worse. They treat me like I'm invisible too, using me as their punching bag without even considering how it makes me feel inside. But what can I do? Standing up for myself seems impossible when fear grips at my heart every time they glare at me with those menacing eyes.

Sometimes I wonder if anyone would even notice if I disappeared altogether—if they would miss having someone to push around or laugh at behind closed doors.

But deep down, beneath all this self-doubt and insecurity lies a spark of hope—a tiny flicker of light that reminds me there is more to life than being invisible and insignificant. Today may not be the day where everything changes but tomorrow could be different—I just have to believe in myself enough to take that first step towards finding my voice amidst all this silence. And maybe then...just maybe...someone will finally see Anton for who he truly is: not just a shadow lingering on the edges but a person worthy of recognition and respect. So here's hoping for brighter days ahead—for moments where invisibility fades away and confidence shines through instead.