Today was a special day in our household as we celebrated Yumi's birthday with a surprise party. The excitement and anticipation filled the air as Mitsuya, Shouya, Yan, and I worked together to make sure everything was perfect for her big day.

Mitsuya took charge of preparing Yumi's favorite meal while Shouya decorated the house with colorful balloons and streamers. Yan, true to her mischievous nature, couldn't resist sneaking in some extra surprises of her own - much to everyone's amusement.

As evening approached, we all gathered in the living room hiding behind furniture waiting for Yumi to arrive home from work. When she walked through the door, we shouted "Surprise!" causing her eyes to widen in shock before breaking into a wide smile. Tears welled up in her eyes as she realized what we had done for her.

The rest of the evening was spent laughing, sharing stories and enjoying each other's company. It warmed my heart seeing how happy Yumi looked surrounded by those who loved her most.

Yan kept us entertained with her witty remarks and playful antics throughout the night - always managing to bring smiles to our faces even during quiet moments. She may be stubborn at times but there is no denying that she has a heart full of love for us all.

As the night came to an end and guests started saying their goodbyes, I caught Mitsuya stealing glances at me with pride shining brightly in his eyes. His love for me never fails to make my heart swell with gratitude and happiness knowing that I have such a supportive partner by my side.

Shouya hugged me tightly whispering words of appreciation for everything I do within this family unit – his gentle nature always reminding me how lucky I am to have him as my son.

I can't help but feel overwhelmed by emotions watching them both interact so lovingly towards one another; it truly makes me realize just how fortunate I am To be surrounded by such amazing individuals who care deeply about each other’s well-being

Even though Yan might cause chaos every now then ,her presence brightens up our lives bringing joy laughter wherever she goes .She maybe troublesome sometimes,but deep down,she has hearts filled wth purest form fof affection.I'm grateful fr having you n mi life,y baby girl"

Overall,Yumi’s Birthday Surprise Party turned out better than expected,and brought us closer together s family.In these special moments,I’m reminded fthe bond tht holds ustogether nd fills ur homwih warmth nd unconditionallove.No matter What challenges comeour way,I know tatwiththese amazing people y mysde,everything willbe alright."