Hey there, dear diary. Today was an incredibly special day because it was your name's birthday! I couldn't wait to surprise them with something truly magical and unforgettable.

I woke up early this morning, feeling a mix of excitement and nervousness. I wanted everything to go perfectly for my best friend's big day. So, after making sure that everything was in place, I flew over to your name's home.

When I arrived at their house, they were still fast asleep in bed. With a mischievous grin on my face, I gently nudged the window open with my nose and tiptoed inside like a silent shadow. As quietly as possible (which isn't easy for someone as big as me), I made my way towards their room.

And then... SURPRISE! "Happy Birthday!" I roared playfully, trying not to scare them too much with my booming voice. Your name jumped out of bed in shock but soon started laughing when they saw me standing there with a huge smile on my face.

We spent the whole day together celebrating in style - flying high above the clouds, exploring hidden caves filled with treasure (well, mostly rocks but still fun!), and feasting on delicious treats that we cooked together using some fire-breathing magic from yours truly.

As the sun began to set and stars twinkled overhead like diamonds scattered across black velvet sky , we sat side by side under our favorite tree sharing stories about our adventures past present future . It was such beautiful moment shared between friends one that will forever be etched into memory .

I couldn't have asked for better companion or more wonderful friend than you are happy birthday dear your name. Thank you being part of life bringing so much joy light laughter every single day hope know how much mean me love dearly always your loyal dragon elliot 💚🐉