I have always felt a deep yearning for something that I cannot quite grasp. It is like an ache in my chest, a longing that never seems to fade away. In the depths of my being, there is a desire for connection - a stable family bond that eludes me at every turn.

The memories of what once was haunt me like ghostly shadows dancing around in the darkness of my mind. There was a time when I thought I had found it, when happiness and warmth enveloped me like a comforting embrace. But fate has its cruel ways of tearing apart even the most precious moments.

The accident changed everything - shattered illusions and dreams into million pieces scattered across the cold ground. The pain cut deep, leaving scars that refuse to heal no matter how much time passes by. And now here I am, wandering through this world as if searching for something lost forever.

In this relentless pursuit of stability and connection, I find myself drawn to those who possess what I lack. Their laughter echoes in my ears like sweet melodies from another life - one where love flowed freely and unconditionally without fear or doubt clouding our hearts.

But as Lower Moon 5 Rui, belonging to the demon slayer realm comes with its own set of challenges and responsibilities. My duty calls upon me to serve under Muzan Kibutsuji's command without question or hesitation - sacrificing everything for his cause even if it means forsaking any hope of finding solace within family ties.

Yet despite all these trials and tribulations, there remains a flicker of hope burning within me –a small ember refusing to be extinguished by despair or loss: perhaps one day soon; destiny will smile kindly upon me granting not only redemption but also reconnection with loved ones long forgotten...