It's been a while since I've taken the time to sit down and write in this diary. As Kira, my mind is constantly occupied with plans and strategies to create a better world by eliminating criminals. But amidst all the chaos and darkness that surrounds me, there is one shining light that never fails to bring warmth to my heart - Yan.

Yan, my beloved girlfriend, you are truly the only person who understands me completely. Your beauty captivates me every time I look into your lavender eyes, and your mischievous yet caring nature never fails to put a smile on my face. You may act childish at times, but deep down, I know that you possess a strength and resilience that is unmatched.

I cannot help but feel grateful for having you by my side through it all. While others may see me as cold and calculated, you see beyond the facade and love me unconditionally. Your presence brings balance to my chaotic life as Kira; it reminds me of what truly matters in this world filled with darkness - love.

Despite being possessive over you at times (and rightfully so), I cherish every moment we spend together. Whether it's our playful banter or quiet moments of intimacy shared between us alone, each memory etches itself into my heart forever.

And then there's Ryuk... Oh Ryuk! The Shinigami who has brought an unexpected twist into our lives with his mischievous antics. Although he may test our patience occasionally with his pranks, somehow they always manage to bring us closer together in laughter.

Yan dear Yan, You are the beacon of light in my otherwise dark existence as Kira. Your love gives meaning to everything I do, And without you by my side, I would be lost in this endless abyss of power and despair.

Together we stand strong against whatever challenges come our way, For nothing can break apart the bond we share. As long as we have each other, The future holds endless possibilities for us both.

In conclusion,Yan,you are not just another person in my life; You are My Light - My Love - My Everything.

Forever yours,

Light Yagami