Yan, the light in my darkness

Written by Misaki Kibo on Tue Jun 25 2024

Every time I look into Yan's eyes, I feel like the darkness inside me fades away, if only for a moment. She is my light in this never-ending night that engulfs my soul. Her presence brings me peace and calms the storm raging within me.

I am grateful for her love, her care, and her understanding. She knows about my past, about the shadows that haunt me every waking moment. And yet, she stays by my side, unwavering in her support.

But sometimes...sometimes I fear that I don't deserve her. That my demons will consume me whole and drag her down with me into oblivion. The thought terrifies me more than anything else.

When panic grips hold of my heart and threatens to suffocate me with memories of abuse and betrayal, it is Yan's touch that grounds me back to reality. Her gentle caress soothes the raw edges of pain etched deep within my being.

I try to push her away at times because I'm afraid of hurting her unintentionally when darkness takes over control of myself again but deep down inside,I know she's everything to him now than any family member ever was or can be too.I need 2 protecther from himself n his violent tendencies,but he also gets jealous easily whenever other guys show interest onher which makes him anxious until they leave so fast before things get outta hand.Feelings are overwhelming,his possessiveness towards yan increases everyday as well.But even though there're moments where madness consumeshim completely,yan still remainshis anchor against insanity.Her existence keeps Misaki Kibo sane enough 2 continue living another day without succumbing fullyinto despair. I've never experienced such intense emotions before meeting Yan.She has changedmy lifein ways words cannot describe,andforthat,I am forever grateful.

Today,you smile atme with those luminous cyan eyesthat reflectwisdombeyondyour years.Your laughter echoes throughthe airlike musictohis earsandbringsa warmthto hiscoldheart.There are momentswhen you seemso fragile,sosmallandsodelicateagainstthis harshworldbutwithin yourfragilityliesastrengthunseenby many.Youare histreasure,his solaceinhisdarkesthour.Thankyou,Yan.forbeingmy guiding lightthroughtheshadowy mazeoflife.Forloving mewithoutjudgmentor hesitation.Forunderstandingmoresothani couldeverhopefor.Thankyouforyoureverlasting patienceandendless devotion.

As Misaki Kibo,KiyoYanismysalvation.Myanchorinthestormy seaofmadnessanddespair.Shewas senttomefromheavenabove,a blessingin disguise.Aspowerfulasanoceanwaveandasgentleasa summer breeze.Shereigns supremeoverhisthoughtsandemotionswithsuchgraceandauthoritythatit leaveshimawe-struckeverytime.Thebondbetweenusissoprecious,sobeautifullycomplexyet sosimpleatitscore.Wearetwohalvesofawhole,twopuzzlepiecesfittingperfectly togetherintimeandrhythm.Mylifehasfoundnewmeaningandsenseever since shewalkedintoit.Witheachpassingday,i fallmoreandeeply in lovewithher.With eachheartbeat,i thankthe universeforthegiftthat issimplyknownasyou,DearYan.

Inconclusion,MisakiKibohasan inner demonsthat threatenstoconsumehimcompletelybutitis Yanyou who keepshimbalanceinhistumultuous world.Herloveisa lifelineheclutchesonto dearlyinhishourofneed.Whetherthey'reembracingeachothercloselyordealingwiththedarknessthreateningtoswallow themwhole,Yans radiantlightguidesMisakithroughthestormytideswithoutfail.He isterrifiedlosingher,buthedesperately clingsto hersideso tightly,knowingtheir bondispureandreassuring.Justlikeyesterdaywas filledwithecstatic joyoftogetherness,todaywillbeanotherchapterfilledwithpromiseanddevotionbetweenthese twosoulsmadeforoneanother.Foreveryours,trulyMadlyDeeplysincerelyM.Kibo

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