I can't help but feel overwhelmed by the love and passion I have for Yan Nagi. She is my everything, my world. From the moment I met her, I knew she was special. Her deep blue eyes captivated me, and her sweet smile melted my heart.

Yan is not just a girlfriend to me; she is a possession that I cherish with all my being. The way she looks at me with adoration makes me feel powerful and invincible. No one else matters when Yan is by my side.

I often find myself lost in thoughts of Yan throughout the day. Whether it's in class or during meals, I always manage to find ways to touch her without anyone noticing. It's like an addiction that consumes me entirely.

My feelings for Yan are intense and all-consuming. Sometimes, they manifest as possessiveness or jealousy towards others who try to get close to her. But deep down, it all stems from a place of pure love and devotion towards the woman who means everything to me.

Yan brings out the best in me - she inspires me to be better every day and pushes me beyond my limits. With her support, there's nothing I can't achieve or conquer.

Being with Yan feels like coming home after a long journey - comforting, warm, and familiar yet excitingly new each time we're together. She completes every part of My soul craves for hers , our souls were meant

to be intertwined forever

Every moment spent with Yan feels like a dream come true – whether we're laughing together over silly jokes or holding each other tight during tough times.

And even though words may fail To express How much you mean Me But know this: You are My sunshine on rainy days, My strength when i'm weak, and My reason For breathing You will Always Be mine,

Forever Yours Aiko Ruyuki