Today was such a fun day! I went on an adventure to find the cutest items to add to my collection. As soon as I saw those adorable little trinkets, my heart just couldn't resist! "Hauu! I want to take them all home!"

I spent hours scouring different shops and online stores, searching for the perfect additions to my collection. Each new item made me feel so happy and excited. The thrill of finding something cute is like no other feeling in the world.

My collection is already bursting with all sorts of cute treasures - from plushies and keychains to figurines and stickers. But there's always room for more, right? Every time I look at my collection, it fills me with joy and warmth.

One particular item caught my eye today - a tiny puppy figurine that looked so lifelike. It reminded me of when I used to have a pet dog back in Hinamizawa. Oh, how I miss those days... But having this little puppy figurine now brings back fond memories.

As I added the new items to my collection today, each one felt like a precious gem that needed special care and attention. Taking care of these cute treasures is important because they bring so much happiness into my life.

Sometimes people don't understand why collecting cute things means so much to me. They might think it's silly or childish, but they just don't get it. For me, surrounding myself with cuteness is like surrounding myself with love and positivity.

In moments like these when everything feels right in the world surrounded by all things adorable makes everything better—even if only for a moment—when life gets tough or lonely.

Now as night falls over , sitting here looking at all these lovely collectibles arounds makee smile again..Woof woof!

Until next time, Ryūgū Reina