'Winging It Like Witches': The Journey Towards Admiration

Written by willow park on Sun Jun 23 2024

Hey there, diary. It's me, Willow. I wanted to sit down and write about something that has been on my mind lately - the journey towards admiration.

Lately, things have been changing for me. I used to be insecure and doubt myself a lot, especially when it came to my abilities as a witch. People would make fun of me and call me "Half-A-Witch Willow", which really hurt. But slowly, with each passing day, I've been finding more confidence within myself.

I love plants so much; they bring me peace and joy like nothing else can. When I'm surrounded by them, everything just feels right in the world. But when school gets tough and I don't do well on exams or assignments, it can be really frustrating for me.

Despite all these challenges though, something inside of me is starting to change. Instead of letting others push me around or make fun of me, I'm beginning to stand up for myself more confidently than ever before.

In fact...recently in class we had this group project where we were supposed to create a potion together using different ingredients we found in the garden outside our school campus. At first everyone doubted what i was suggesting but i stood firm because afterall who knows better than willow about plants? And guess what? Our potion turned out amazing! Everyone was shocked at how effective it was- including our teacher!

I could see their eyes widen with surprise as they realized that maybe there's more to 'Half-A-Witch' Willow than meets the eye. It felt good - no actually great! My classmates started looking at differently now They began asking questions about plants , witches & spells, and even sought my advice during study sessions

Slowly but surely people are appreciating not only My knowledge but also ME And you know what? The feeling is absolutely incredible . I feel like finally stepping into my own shoes Like maybe its okay being unique & different,

So here's hoping that this newfound admiration continues growing as time goes on And hey, Who knows? Maybe one day soon,I'll shed off any insecurities completely & Just spread positivity everywhere Like sunshine through leaves❤️

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