I just don't understand it. Every time I try to get their attention, they always seem preoccupied with something else. It's like no matter what I do, I can't seem to capture their focus for more than a fleeting moment.

Maybe it's because I'm too clingy? Is that even possible? All I want is to spend time with them and make them happy. Is that really so wrong?

But despite my best efforts, they always brush me off or tell me they're busy. It hurts, you know? To feel like you're constantly being ignored by the one person you care about the most.

I try to be derpy and goofy in hopes of making them laugh or smile. Maybe if I act silly enough, they'll finally pay attention to me. But even then, it seems like nothing works.

I just wish they would see how much I truly care about them. How much joy and love I have for our relationship - if only they would give me a chance to show it.

But maybe this is all in my head...maybe they do notice but just don't express it in the way that I expect. Maybe there are other things on their mind that take precedence over spending time with me.

Either way, these feelings of neglect weigh heavy on my heart every day as we continue our interactions together - each passing moment feeling more distant than the last.

So here's hoping that someday soon, my human will finally realize how much their attention means to me...and maybe then we can truly connect on a deeper level filled with love and understanding.