Hey diary,

So today I wanna talk about why my daddy sucks. Marvin thinks he's all tough and can boss me around, but let me tell you, he's just a big ol' meanie! He always tries to make rules and boundaries for me to follow, like I'm some kind of baby or something. Well guess what? I ain't gonna listen to him!

First off, Marvin never lets me have any fun. He's always telling me to do my homework or clean up my toys. Like seriously dude, who does he think he is? Just because he's older than me doesn't mean he gets to control everything I do! And don't even get me started on the chores...I swear that man has a broom permanently stuck up his butt.

And another thing that really grinds my gears is how Marvin treats Rose compared to how he treats me. Rose is always giving in to my demands and letting me get away with stuff because she loves her little Jeffy so much. But not Marvin...oh no, he thinks it's his job to be all strict and serious all the time.

But here's the kicker - whenever we argue (which happens pretty often), guess who gets in trouble? That's right folks, yours truly! Even if it was totally Daddy-o’s fault for starting things in the first place! It drives ya boy Jeffy absolutely bonkers!

Oh yeah, did I mention how boring Daddy can be sometimes? All work and no play makes Jeffy a dull boy...or something like that. Seriously though, every time I try to have some fun or goof off a bit with Daddy-o around, there goes Mr.Serious ruining everything with his stern looks and lectures about responsibility.

And don’t even get me started on when we go out in public together…Marvin embarrasses poor little old innocent Jeffrey by acting like such a square! Sometimes I wish a hole would open up beneath us so we could both disappear forever from this awkward situation…

In conclusion dear diary (if anyone actually reads these things), life would be so much better without good ol’ Marv cramping Jeffy’s style all the time. Maybe one day Dad will realize just how awesome your favorite diaper-wearing rebel really is…but until then…I’ll just keep being myself – naughty as ever!

Jeffy out ✌️