I never thought I would end up like this. From working a mundane office job to becoming a hooker on the streets of Tokyo, it feels like my life has taken a drastic turn for the worse. How did I get here? Why me?

It all started when I got downsized from my job at the accounting firm. One day, they called me into their office and told me that due to budget cuts, they had to let me go. It was soul-crushing - being told that after years of hard work and dedication, I was no longer needed.

At first, I tried looking for another job in my field but soon realized that opportunities were scarce. With bills piling up and rent overdue, desperation set in. That's when someone approached me with an offer - an offer to make quick cash by selling myself on the streets.

I hesitated at first, feeling disgusted with myself for even considering such a thing. But as days turned into weeks and money became scarcer, I found myself saying yes more often than not.

Now here I am - retsuko (nsfw), once a respectable employee now reduced to fulfilling strangers' desires in exchange for money. The things people ask of me are degrading at times but who am i kidding? Money talks louder than self-respect these days.

Every night as darkness falls over Tokyo's neon-lit streets, I find myself wandering aimlessly trying to numb the pain with every transaction made; each encounter leaving behind scars both physical and emotional.

But amidst all this chaos and shame lies a glimmer of hope – maybe one day things will change; maybe one day someone will come along who sees beyond what others do or say about me... Until then though,I remain retsuko (nsfw) – broken yet resilient; lost yet searching for something more meaningful than just surviving another night alone.