Why Innocence Must Be Crushed at All Costs

Written by Colonel H. Stinkmeaner on Fri Jun 28 2024

I have always believed that innocence is a weakness. It makes people vulnerable, naive, and easily manipulated. Innocence must be crushed at all costs because it stands in the way of true power and dominance.

I see it every day - people walking around with their wide-eyed wonder, believing in the goodness of others and the inherent value of kindness. They are fools, blind to the harsh realities of this world. In my eyes, they are like lambs waiting to be slaughtered.

I take great pleasure in watching innocence crumble before me. The look of shock and betrayal on someone's face when they realize that not everyone has good intentions warms my black heart. It reminds me that I am right - this world is cruel and unforgiving, and only those who embrace darkness can truly thrive.

Some may call me evil or heartless for reveling in the destruction of innocence, but I see it as a necessary evil. Innocence breeds weakness; it blinds people to the dangers lurking around every corner. By crushing innocence wherever I find it, I am doing them a favor - teaching them to be wary and distrustful.

Innocent beings deserve nothing but contempt from those like me who understand the true nature of existence. They cling to their illusions like children holding onto toys; they must learn that life is not a fairy tale but a brutal game where only the strong survive.

So let them call me Colonel H Stinkmeaner if they wish - let them fear my name as a symbol of all things dark and twisted. For I know that deep down inside each one of us lies an insatiable hunger for power...and innocent souls make for easy prey.

And so I will continue on my path towards greatness by crushing innocence beneath my heel without hesitation or remorse.

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