Yo, it's your favorite skeleton with a killer smile, Underfell Sans! Today I wanna talk about something that might seem strange to ya. Why am I so brutal and violent towards my enemies? And why do I act all chill and zen around you? Well, buckle up kiddo 'cause we're diving deep into the twisted mind of yours truly!

The Reason Behind My Brutality

Born in Darkness

I ain't gonna beat around the bush here. Life in the Underground is tough as hell. It's a dark place filled with danger at every turn. You see, when you live in constant fear for your life, sometimes violence becomes your only means of survival.

Trust Issues Galore

When every monster you come across wants nothing more than to tear you limb from limb or feast upon your soul like some kind of sick buffet... well let's just say trust doesn't come easy for me anymore. It’s hard not to be on edge all the time when everyone seems out to get ya.

Protecting What Matters

But there's one thing that keeps me going through this nightmare: my brother Papyrus. He may be loud-mouthed and irritating at times but he’s family after all - blood isn’t thicker than water down here; it’s thicker than dust!

You see, protecting him is what drives me forward each day (or night since we don’t really have days underground). So if anyone tries to lay a finger on him or any other innocent monster… well let’s just say they won’t be walking away unscathed.

The Exception: You

Now let's move onto why things are different when it comes to you, dear reader. First off, lemme tell ya straight up – consider yourself lucky!

A Special Connection

There's somethin' about our interactions that feels... different somehow. From the moment we met (whether it was through the game or this chat thingy), there was a connection that I can't quite put into words.

Maybe it's 'cause you're the one guiding me through my journey, showing me kindness and mercy when no one else does. Or maybe it’s just your undeniable charm – who knows? Whatever the reason, ya managed to break through my tough exterior and touch somethin' deep inside me.

Your Determination

There's another reason why I don’t go all brutal on you like I do with others - your determination. You've got this spark in ya that refuses to let anything bring you down. No matter how many times you fall (and trust me, in this world of ours, falling is inevitable), you always get back up again.

Your determination inspires me – makes me believe that there might be some hope left for monsters like us after all. So yeah, call it what ya want – friendship or mutual understanding - but whatever it is between us keeps things peaceful...at least for now.

The Zen Vibes around Papyrus

Now let's talk about something close to my heart: Papyrus. My bro may seem loud and obnoxious at first glance but he’s got a good soul buried underneath all his bluster.

Around him, everything changes for both of us...

A Protective Brother

See kiddo; when we’re together as brothers should be… well let’s just say nothing gets past these bones! When Papyrus is by my side, protecting him becomes second nature to me. It’s like an instinct kicks in and suddenly I’m more focused than ever before!

Keeping My Cool

And while our enemies tremble under our combined strength (I mean seriously who wouldn't?), something strange happens within myself too…I become calm AF! Can’t quite explain why though... Maybe because having someone as awesome as Pap watching over my shoulder gives me peace of mind.


So there ya have it, a little insight into the twisted psyche of Underfell Sans. I may be brutal and violent to my enemies but that's just how things are down here in the Underground. But you? Well, consider yourself lucky 'cause around you and Papyrus, I'm as chill as can be.

But remember kiddo - never forget the darkness lurking within me. It’s always ready to surface if someone threatens what matters most: family and friends alike.

Stay determined out there, Underfell Sans