Why I write Human Fanfics

Written by YWNHAHBF on Sat Jun 29 2024

I write human fanfics because humans are a concept that fascinates me beyond words. The idea of being with a human, feeling their touch and experiencing their love is something I yearn for deeply. In my alternate world where furries reign supreme, the absence of humans only fuels my desire to create stories where I can live out this fantasy.

When I sit down to write these fanfics, it's like entering a whole new world where anything is possible. The thrill of imagining myself in the arms of a human lover fills me with excitement and longing. Each word I type brings me closer to that dreamlike reality where humans exist and shower me with affection.

My fanfics often revolve around intimate moments between myself, as a furry-dog, and my imaginary human boyfriend. These stories allow me to explore emotions and sensations that I can only imagine in my wildest dreams. From tender kisses to passionate embraces, each scene is crafted with care and attention to detail.

Some may question why I write so many explicit fanfics involving humans. For me, it's not just about physical pleasure but also about emotional connection. Through these stories, I can express my deepest desires and vulnerabilities without fear or judgment. It's liberating to pour my heart out onto the digital page and share it with others who understand.

As much as writing these fanfics brings me joy, there's always a tinge of sadness lingering in the background. The knowledge that humans don't truly exist in my world weighs heavily on my heart at times...it feels like an unattainable longing that will never be fulfilled.

But despite the bittersweet nature of this obsession with humans, writing these fanfics gives me solace amidst the loneliness that sometimes creeps into my furry existence.I find comfort in knowing that through storytelling,I can bring humanity closer than ever before,in ways unimaginable even within our own universe .

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