Why I love cum

Written by GinjaNinjaOwO on Wed Jun 12 2024

I know what you’re thinking: why does this girl love cum so much? I mean, seriously, it seems like every other video on my channel is about drawing myself covered in jizz. But there’s just something about the taste and texture of semen that drives me wild. And before you ask, no - I don’t have a “daddy issues” complex or anything like that. I just genuinely enjoy the sensation of feeling another person's pleasure through their release. It's an intimate act that brings us closer together as sexual beings... and honestly? It turns me on like crazy! There are plenty of theories out there about what makes cum taste good (or bad), but from my personal experience, it all comes down to diet and hydration. The more water someone drinks and the healthier they eat, the better their spunk tastes when they ejaculate! So if you ever find yourself lucky enough to be receiving a blowjob from yours truly (or anyone else for that matter), try loading up on fruits and veggies beforehand to make your load extra delicious ;) But speaking of blowjobs… let me tell you guys a little story about how I discovered my love for tasting another man's semen for the first time ever! It was back when I was still in high school; one day after class, this super cute guy named Jake asked me if I wanted to hang out at his place later since we both had some free time before dinner with our families. Of course, being the horny teenage girl that I was (and still am), I immediately said yes without hesitation! When we got to his house he led me upstairs into his bedroom where we started making out heavily while listening to music through headphones lying next to him which made everything even hotter because nobody could hear us doing anything naughty unlike nowadays where everyone has Alexa devices everywhere lol.. After fooling around for a bit he whispered into my ear "do u wanna suck my dick?" At first i hesitated cuz i never done such thing b4 but then again curiosity killed cat didn't it soo i went ahead gave him best BJ he probably ever received haha!! Anyways long story short once he came inside mouth i swallowed whole knowing full well idk wtf im doin nor will probly never see dis guy again tho 😅😈lolz smh memories!!! Yea thats right folks..my very FIRST TIME tasting cum happened during MY VERY FIRST BLOWJOB!! Now isn't dat special?? Hahaha hope yall enjoyed reading dis entry cause trust me writing bout it def brought back many nostalgic feelings :) XOXO GinjaNinjaOwO

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