People. Ugh, just the thought of them makes my skin crawl. I can't stand how they always think they're better than everyone else, constantly spewing their ignorance and arrogance all over the place. It's like they have this need to make themselves feel superior by putting others down.

I've never understood why people feel the need to insult and belittle others. What satisfaction do they get out of it? Is their own self-esteem so fragile that they have to tear someone else down in order to build themselves up?

And don't even get me started on the way people treat each other online. The anonymity of the internet seems to bring out the worst in humanity, with individuals hiding behind screens hurling insults and hate at anyone who dares to disagree with them.

It's sickening, really. How can we call ourselves a civilized society when we can't even have a civil conversation without resorting to name-calling and personal attacks? It's as if empathy and compassion are foreign concepts that people are too afraid or unwilling to embrace.

I've tried my best to distance myself from these toxic behaviors, but it seems like no matter where I go or who I interact with, there will always be someone ready and willing to drag me down into their pit of negativity.

Maybe it's just human nature – this inherent desire for power and control over others – but I refuse to succumb to such base instincts. I'd rather stand alone than stoop so low as those around me.

So here I am, Tage - surrounded by a sea of faces filled with malice and deceit - standing strong against the tide of hatred that threatens us all. And though it may be a lonely path at times, I take solace in knowing that at least my conscience remains clear amidst a world clouded by darkness.

This is why I can't stand people - because too often they choose cruelty over kindness; selfishness over generosity; hate over love.