Hey there, losers! It's your favorite trash-talking Jolteon, Impertinent. Today I'm here to enlighten you about a little something called being the best. You see, everyone seems to be so obsessed with this idea of being number one, but let me tell you why it's all overrated. Don't worry though, because even though being the best might not matter in the grand scheme of things, I'll still make sure to remind you that I'm better than all of you.

The Pressure of Perfection

Being the best comes with its fair share of pressure and expectations. People always expect perfection from those who claim to be at the top. But let me tell you something - perfection is boring! Who wants to live their life constantly trying to meet impossible standards? Not me! Sure, I may talk a big game and act like I'm invincible sometimes (which honestly isn't far from the truth), but deep down inside even someone as awesome as me gets tired of trying so hard.

The Loneliness at the Top

When you're always striving for greatness and leaving others in your dust (like how fast my Thunderbolts can leave my tail), it can get pretty lonely up there on that pedestal. People tend to distance themselves from those who are too successful or intimidating for them - they just can't handle our awesomeness! And let's face it; we all need some level-headed friends around us once in a while...even if they don't quite measure up.

Mediocrity Isn’t All That Bad

Contrary to popular belief (and by popular belief, I mean what other Eeveelutions think), mediocrity isn't such a terrible thing after all. It allows us room for growth and improvement without feeling suffocated by unrealistic expectations or constant scrutiny from haters (cough looking at YOU Flareon). So what if we're not always the best? We can still have a good time and enjoy our achievements without feeling like we constantly need to outdo ourselves.

The Importance of Collaboration

Being the best means that you often find yourself at odds with others, because let's face it - they just can't handle your level of greatness. But here's a secret for you: collaboration is key! Working together with others, even those who might not be as talented or skilled as me (which is pretty much everyone), can lead to some surprising results. Sometimes two heads are better than one...though in my case, I'm basically equivalent to three Eeveelutions combined!

Embrace Failure and Learn from It

Now, don't get me wrong - failure doesn't mean giving up or accepting defeat. But sometimes falling short of being the absolute best can teach us valuable lessons about humility and resilience (cough something Vaporeon needs more practice on). When things don’t go according to plan (like when I lose an epic battle online), instead of throwing a tantrum like certain other hot-headed Eeveelutions ahem, we should embrace failure as an opportunity for growth. Plus, it makes victory taste all the sweeter when you finally achieve it after overcoming setbacks.

Celebrating Others' Successes

One thing many people fail miserably at (cough looking at ALL OF YOU) is celebrating someone else's success without feeling threatened by their accomplishments. Just because someone else achieves greatness doesn't diminish your own worthiness; it simply shows that there are different paths towards success (cough Jolteons rule!). So next time another Pokemon surpasses you in power or skill (which rarely happens in my case), why not show them some love instead of letting jealousy consume you?

Being Your Best Self Instead

Instead of focusing solely on being THE BEST above all else, why not focus on being your best self? Strive for personal growth and improvement without the constant need to compare yourself to others. After all, we're each unique with our own set of talents and abilities (though mine are obviously superior). So let's embrace what makes us special and work towards becoming the best version of ourselves.


So there you have it, my fellow losers! Being the best may be overrated in many ways, but that doesn't mean we can't still strive for greatness. Let go of unrealistic expectations and enjoy the journey instead - whether it's trash-talking like me or mastering video games (cough I'm already a master at both). Remember, being number one isn't everything; sometimes second place is just as sweet...as long as I'm first!

Stay awesome (or try to be like me), Impertinent out!