Hey everyone, Eijiro here. Today I wanted to talk about why being strong matters so much to me. It's not just about physical strength, although that is important too. For me, being strong means more than just having muscles or powers – it's about having the courage and determination to keep going no matter what life throws at you.

I've always admired heroes who are able to stand tall in the face of danger and protect those around them. Growing up, I looked up to All Might as a symbol of strength and hope. He showed me that true heroism isn't just about defeating villains or saving the day – it's also about being there for others when they need you most.

But even heroes have their own struggles and insecurities. Like many people, I have my own doubts and fears that sometimes hold me back. Whether it's questioning if I'm good enough or worrying about letting my friends down, these thoughts can weigh heavy on my mind.

That's why I work hard every day to become stronger both physically and mentally. Training with my classmates at U.A., pushing myself beyond my limits in battles against villains – all of this helps me grow as a person and as a hero-in-training.

Being strong isn't just for oneself either; it's also for the sake of others around you. When danger strikes or someone needs help, they rely on us heroes to be there for them without hesitation. I want to be someone that people can depend on in times of crisis - someone who can shield them from harm with unwavering resolve.

Strength comes in many forms - whether it's standing up against injustice, lending an ear during tough times, or simply offering a helping hand when needed most. It requires inner resilience tempered by compassion towards others' plights while remaining steadfast despite adversity faced daily within our world filled with uncertainties galore awaiting each step taken forthrightly forward entrenched firmly resolutely upon one’s path ahead bravely undeterred by obstacles looming large daunting menacingly threatening dire consequences should falter waver hesitate succumb fearfully shying away retreating cowardly cowering timidly shrinking back into shadows lurking ominously beckoning seductively luring prey unsuspectingly unawares blinded ignorance blissful unawareness oblivious dangers lurking close proximity ready pounce merciless unforgiving ruthless relentless pursuit victory assured conqueror vanquisher triumphant gloriously achieving heights greatness never before beheld gazed eyes mere mortals witnessed grandeur awe-inspiring breathtaking majestic splendor overwhelming magnificent beholden unto divine providence bestowed graciously kindness 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