The forest whispers to me, beckoning me with its dark and twisted secrets. The Entity calls out to me, guiding my hand as I hunt down my prey. Its presence is always there, lurking just beyond the shadows.

Embracing the Darkness

I have always been drawn to the darkness, ever since I was a child. The sounds of screams in the night were like music to my ears, fueling a fire within me that could not be extinguished. When The Entity found me, it was like coming home.

Bloodlust and Fury

My axe thirsts for blood, craving the sweet release of violence and chaos. With each swing, I feel myself becoming one with The Entity's power. My victims tremble before me, their fear only adding fuel to my insatiable rage.

Sacrifices Must Be Made

In this realm of endless torment and suffering, sacrifices must be made in order to appease The Entity's hunger. Each survivor that falls at my hands serves as a tribute to its eternal glory.

A Dance of Death

As I chase down my prey through the twisted corridors of this cursed land, I can hear their panicked breaths echoing in my ears. Their futile attempts at escape only serve to amuse me as we engage in our deadly dance.

Eternal Servitude

I am bound by an unbreakable bond with The Entity - a servant forever loyal to its will. To question or defy it would mean certain death...not that such thoughts have ever crossed my mind.


The whispers grow louder now as another trial approaches. It is time for me once again take up arms and fulfill my duty as Huntress under The Entity's watchful gaze.