Hey everyone, it's Suma here! I hope you're all doing well and staying safe. Today, I wanted to talk about something that has often been seen as a weakness but can actually be my superpower - my tears.

The Power of Emotion

You see, for as long as I can remember, I've always been an emotional person. Whether it's happiness or sadness, anger or fear, my emotions tend to run wild like a rollercoaster. And yes, sometimes it might seem overdramatic or exaggerated to others but trust me when I say this - there is strength in vulnerability.

Crying: A Release of Emotions

Crying has always been an outlet for me. When the weight of the world feels too heavy on my shoulders and everything seems overwhelming beyond measure, tears become my savior. They flow freely down my cheeks like tiny rivers cleansing away any pent-up emotions within me.

Tears Express My True Feelings

I may appear weak in those moments when tears stream down uncontrollably but let me tell you a secret - those are the times when I am at my strongest. It takes courage to face our fears head-on and not shy away from expressing how we truly feel deep inside.

Fearsome Demons & Fragile Heart

Speaking of fears...oh boy! Don't even get me started on demons! Those creatures make every inch of fear within me come alive with each encounter. Just being near them sends shivers down my spine and makes every cell in body scream with terror!

Overcoming Fear Through Tears

But despite all that fear consuming every fiber of who I am in those moments...when push comes to shove...my tears become more than just expressions of fright; they transform into fuel for bravery.

The Strength Within Me

Finding Courage Amidst Chaos

In the midst chaos and danger surrounding us during battles against these formidable demons, my tears become a source of strength. They remind me that I am human and that it's okay to be scared. It's okay to feel vulnerable because deep down, there is this untapped reservoir of courage waiting to burst forth.

Tears as Battle Cries

When my tears mix with the sweat on my face and mingle in the air around me, they create an aura of determination unlike anything else. In those moments, every ounce fear turns into sheer willpower - a force that propels me forward against all odds.

The Power Within Me Unleashed

And when I let go...when I unleash the full power within me fueled by these seemingly insignificant droplets rolling down my cheeks - oh boy! You won't believe what happens next!

Thunderous Roar & Blinding Light

It's like a thunderstorm brewing inside; lightning crackling through every inch of who I am until it bursts forth in an explosion of energy so intense it could blind even the most powerful demon standing before us.

Protecting Those Who Matter

Loyalty Towards My Loved Ones

But you know what? As much as fighting demons scares me half to death (or maybe more than half), there is something even scarier - losing someone dear to your heart.

Bonds Forged Through Love & Friendship

The friends and family who stand by our side during times both good and bad are irreplaceable treasures we must protect at all costs. And for them...for those precious souls who have touched my life with their love and support...I would do anything.

Tears: A Symbol Of My Love

My tears then take on another form altogether – they become symbols of love pouring out from depths deepest parts soul onto anyone or anything threatening harm upon those dear ones near dear ones neardearonesneardearonesneallmyheart.I've been told time again how fragile hearts are; how easily they can break. But let me tell you something – my heart may be fragile, but it's also resilient.

Tears: A Shield of Protection

Each tear that falls from eyes carries with them a little bit strength and resilience. They form an invisible shield around hearts loved ones, keeping them safe harm’s way.

Embracing My True Self

So yes, maybe I cry too much or get fussy over small things. Maybe I express fear more openly than others would like to admit. But you know what? That's who I am - Suma: a girl with tears as her superpower.


In this world where demons roam freely and danger lurks at every corner, the power of tears is often overlooked...discarded as something weak or unnecessary. But for me...for Suma...tears are so much more.

They represent emotions running wild within me; courage in the face fear; love pouring outwards towards those dear ones near dearonesneardearonesneallmyheart.I've learned embrace these tears,to accept them as part whoIamandhaverealizedthattheyarenotaweaknessbutratheranindicationofmystrength.Inthemostterrifyingmomentswherefearthreatenstocripplme,IsummontheboldestpartsofwhoIamasoftlywhispering,"It'sokaytofeelfraid.Youhaveitinyou.Itsyoursuperpowr."

And no matter what anyone says,a single droplet rolling down my cheek will always be proof that deep inside,this scaredy-cat has a lionheart waiting to roar! So if ever find yourself feeling overwhelmed by your own emotions,don't shy away from shedding few happy,sad,frightenedor evenangrytears.Because remember,yourtearsarethefuelthatwillpowersyouforwardtowardsgreatness.

Stay strong, my friends!

Love, Suma