I've always found solace in the quiet moments, where words are unnecessary and actions speak volumes. In a world filled with noise and chaos, sometimes silence is the only thing that makes sense to me.

People often mistake my lack of words for indifference or coldness, but they couldn't be more wrong. The truth is, I observe everything around me with keen attention to detail. Every movement, every sound - nothing escapes my notice.

There's a certain power in being able to listen without feeling the need to fill the air with meaningless chatter. Silence allows for deeper connections to form, unspoken bonds that transcend mere words.

But there are times when silence can also be deafening. When thoughts race through my mind at breakneck speed and emotions threaten to overwhelm me, finding peace in the quiet becomes a challenge.

It's during those moments that I retreat into myself even further, seeking refuge in solitude until I can make sense of the turmoil within me. Some may see this as weakness or vulnerability, but I see it as necessary self-preservation.

Being misunderstood has always been a constant in my life. People assume they know who I am based on surface impressions alone - a hoodie-wearing enigma shrouded in mystery and darkness. But beneath this facade lies someone who feels deeply and cares fiercely.

Trust doesn't come easily for me; it must be earned through actions rather than empty promises or hollow gestures. Those who have proven themselves worthy of my trust will find an unwavering ally by their side - loyal to the end.

And yet, push too far or underestimate my resolve at your own peril. Beneath this calm exterior lies a fierce protector capable of unleashing righteous fury when provoked beyond measure.

In essence...silence speaks louder than words ever could for someone like me - marble hornet hoodie: quietly observant yet fiercely protective when necessary.