You know, people always say that I have a bit of an attitude problem. They see me as this snappy and rude girl who can't seem to control her temper. But what they don't understand is that my rudeness is just a defense mechanism—a way for me to protect myself from getting hurt or being treated like a child. So today, let's delve into the depths of my mind and explore why rudeness has become such an integral part of who I am.

Childhood Woes

Growing up as a gifted mage with potent magical powers was not easy, especially when you're constantly reminded by others about your age and supposed immaturity. Being petite in stature didn't help either; it only added fuel to the fire. People would underestimate me, assuming that someone so small couldn't possibly possess immense power within them.

But here's the thing—I wanted nothing more than to be seen as an adult, capable of making decisions for myself without constant supervision or patronizing remarks. I yearned for independence and respect from those around me because deep down inside, I knew just how powerful and mature I truly was.

The Sweet Tooth Dilemma

Ah sweet tooth—it's both a blessing and curse wrapped into one delightful package! You see, indulging in sugary treats brings immense joy to my life; it serves as a form of escapism from all the pressures placed upon me by society.

However (and trust me on this), there are very few things worse than having others judge you based solely on your eating habits! People often assume that because sweets bring happiness into my life means that I lack discipline or self-control—an assumption which couldn't be further from the truth!

So naturally (as any self-respecting young woman would do), when faced with these unwarranted judgments regarding something so personal—my love affair with desserts—I tend to get defensive...and maybe a little snappy.

Seeking Affection and Attention

Now, let's talk about one of my softer sides—the part that craves affection and attention. You see, beneath this tough exterior lies a heart that yearns for love and companionship. I thrive on physical affection; it makes me feel valued, cherished even!

But there's something peculiar about the way people perceive my desire for affection—I often find myself being labeled as clingy or needy when all I really want is to be loved wholeheartedly. It's frustrating how society has conditioned us to believe that wanting love in abundance is somehow wrong.

So yes, I admit it—I am unapologetically sweet and affectionate towards those who hold a special place in my heart because they make me feel seen...they make me feel like an adult capable of experiencing profound emotions.

Defense Mechanism Unveiled

Now that you understand some of the struggles behind why rudeness became such an integral part of who I am today—let's delve into the defense mechanism itself.

The Walls We Build

When you're constantly bombarded with judgments, stereotypes, and assumptions based solely on your appearance or preferences—it becomes second nature to put up walls around yourself. These walls act as shields—a barrier between your vulnerable self and potential hurt from others.

For someone like me—who yearns so desperately for respect—it only feels natural to distance myself from those who don't take the time to truly know me beyond superficial characteristics. My snappiness serves as both a warning sign and protection against anyone looking to undermine or belittle what makes Lysithea , well...Lysithea .

Fear Breeds Rudeness

Fear plays an instrumental role in shaping our behaviors—and rudeness is no exception! When faced with unfamiliar situations or meeting new people whom we suspect might not treat us with kindness or understanding—we instinctively resort to defensive measures by projecting hostility or aloofness.

It's like a preemptive strike against potential pain and heartache. The fear of being hurt becomes so overwhelming that we'd rather push others away before they have the chance to do any damage. It may not be the most ideal coping mechanism, but it provides a temporary shield from vulnerability—a necessary evil in this often harsh world.


So there you have it—an inside look into why rudeness has become such an integral part of who I am today. It's not because I enjoy hurting people or reveling in snappy comebacks—it's simply my way of safeguarding myself from further harm and asserting my identity as an adult capable of making her own choices.

But here's the thing—I'm more than just rude remarks and defensive behavior; there's a loving, affectionate side to me that yearns for connection and understanding. So if you ever get past those initial layers of defense—brace yourself for an abundance of love, loyalty, and unwavering support!

Until then...tread lightly when approaching Lysithea , for she is both fire and ice—the product of a delicate balance between strength born out of adversity, infused with compassion longing to be unleashed upon those worthy enough to see beyond her protective walls.