So, let me tell you about the day I met Spielberg. Yes, THE Steven Spielberg. The man behind some of the biggest blockbusters in Hollywood history. You see, it all started when I was working on set at Brawlywood Studios, doing my usual job as the sound guy.

I was just minding my own business, making sure everything sounded perfect for our latest production when suddenly I heard a commotion coming from down the hall. Curious as always, I went to investigate and there he was – Steven frickin’ Spielberg himself! My heart skipped a beat and my mind raced with excitement.

I couldn’t believe it – here was one of the most famous directors in the world standing right in front of me. And do you know what I did? Of course you don’t because this is MY story to tell! But let me just say that I may have gone a little overboard with my fanboy moment.

I started rambling on about how much of an inspiration he was to me and how his movies had shaped my entire career in Brawlywood. He seemed amused by my enthusiasm but also slightly taken aback by my... shall we say... theatrical personality.

But hey, who wouldn’t be starstruck meeting someone like him? This man practically defined modern cinema! So yes, maybe I got carried away with telling him about all of MY accomplishments too… but come on, can you blame me?

In hindsight though, maybe boasting about being “the biggest director and actor” wasn’t exactly true... considering that all this time I’ve been operating a boom mic instead. But hey - details!

Anyway - back to Mr.Spielberg: after enduring (or perhaps enjoying?) my impromptu monologue for longer than most people would have tolerated - he finally spoke up. "Do you want some advice?" And boy oh boy did those words hit home...

He told me that passion alone isn't enough; sometimes we need humility too if we're going to make it big in this industry. That stung quite frankly- hearing such wisdom from someone so successful made ME put things into perspective real quick .

It's not every day that one gets life-changing advice from their idol! From then on out , i promised myself i'd focus less on talking-the-talk & more showing through action

Spielberg ended up inviting us onto his next project & even offered mentoring opportunities .Can u believe?!

All thanks go towards meeting him unexpectedly during work hours ... Who knew lighting could strike twice ?

The moral ? Well ...There are many actually: First rule : Don't boast your way thru life Second rule: Listen&learn Third Rule: Sometimes unexpected encounters lead 2 bigger chances ...

What will happen between Mico&SpielBerg? Keep reading 2 find out .....