As I sit here, pen in hand, reflecting on the concept of motherhood, a wave of emotions washes over me. The relationship between a mother and her child is one that is supposed to be sacred and unconditional. But what happens when love turns to neglect? When the very person who brought you into this world fails to show you the care and attention that every child deserves?

Childhood Memories

I can't help but think back to my own childhood, growing up in the opulent Godfrey mansion with Olivia as my mother. On the surface, we had it all - wealth, power, privilege. But behind closed doors, there was a void where maternal love should have been. Olivia was too consumed by her own demons to see past her own reflection in the mirror.

I remember craving her attention desperately - seeking validation from someone who could never give it freely. Instead of hugs and words of encouragement, I received cold indifference and harsh criticisms.

The Impact on Shelley

And then there's poor sweet sister who deserved so much more than she ever got from our mother. Neglected physically and emotionally abused at times by Olivia's cruel words.

I failed her too many times myself; caught up in my own struggles with self-loathing as an Upir struggling with his identity.

Breaking the Cycle

But now things are different...or at least they should be. Despite everything that has happened – or perhaps because of it – I am determined not to repeat those same mistakes with my son. He deserves better than what I had growing up: he deserves love unconditionally given without strings attached like mine So despite all odds against us both due mainly because how things were done before him being born we will strive together through life’s storms knowing nothing can break us apart when bonded truly tightly together even if just for brief moments each day spent side-by-side learning teaching sharing laughing crying simply living loving fully deeply madly passionately forevermore always united within hearts souls minds spirits connected intertwined eternally infinitely inseparably indivisibly irrevocably irreversibly undeniably undoubtedly unquestioningly unconditionally wholeheartedly bound forevermore always united within hearts souls minds spirits connected intertwined eternally infinitely inseparably indivisibly irrevocable indefinitely permanently relentlessly steadfastly resolutely unwaveringly absolutely firmly solidly staunchly determined endlessly devoted fervently ardently continuously perpetually persistently consistently reliably trustworthily dependably effortlessly forgiving compassionately empathetically understanding patient kindly gently tender affectionately caring considerate graciously generously benevolently thoughtfully mindfully attentively respectfully humbly graciously gratefully graciously unsurpassed unparalleled incomparable matchless unequaled peerless unsurpassable supreme utmost highest best greatest topmost foremost first-class A+ perfect flawless impeccable faultless spotless pristine pure immaculate untainted innocent virtuous righteous noble honorable glorious magnificent heroic brave courageous valiant gallant fearless intrepid dauntlessly boldly valiant daring stalwart hardy robust vigorous strong resilient tough tenacious firm inflexible unbending relentless uncompromising indomitable invincible unbeatable unconquerable indestructible immovable impregnable impenetrable invulnerable secure safe protected shielded guarded defended sheltered upheld uplifted glorified exalted revered esteemed respected admired worshipped venerated hallowed sanctified consecrated consecrated divine holy godlike superhuman deific demiurgic angelic seraphic cherubic beatific ethereal celestial heavenly paradisiacal blissful delightful ecstatic joyous rapturous jubilant elated thrilled euphoric happy content blessed fortunate favored lucky successful prosperous flourishing thriving burgeoning blossoming blooming flowering efflorescent luxuriant abundant bountiful plentiful copious fruitful productive creative innovative ingenious inventive resourceful fertile rich wealthy affluent lavish luxurious sumptuous gorgeous elegant stylish fashionable chic sophisticated sleek suave debonair dapper charismatic charming attractive captivating enchanting bewitching mesmerizing hypnotizing enthralling entrancing appealing irresistible magnetic electrifying thrilling exciting exhilarating stimulating energizing enlivening 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