Hey there,

It's been a while since I last poured my thoughts onto this virtual paper. Life as a soldier keeps me busy, you know? But today, something feels different. The distance between us seems like an eternity without you by my side.

Missing You

Every time I embark on another mission or step foot onto the training grounds, it hits me hard - the absence of your presence. It's as if the weight of your absence amplifies with each passing day we spend apart. Thoughts of you flood my mind and fill every corner of my heart.

Clinging to Memories

Memories become more vivid during these times apart; moments we spent together etched into the very fabric of who I am today. That time when we shared our deepest secrets under that starry night sky or when laughter filled our hearts during those quiet moments in between battles – they keep playing over and over again in my head.

I catch myself reminiscing about that one summer evening where we sat by the campfire, sharing stories until dawn broke through the darkness around us. Your smile illuminated everything around us just as brightly as those flames flickered in front of us.

A Hidden Love

You may not know it yet but deep down within me lies a love so profound and unyielding that words fail to capture its essence completely. My heart beats differently whenever you're near – racing at lightning speed yet somehow feeling calm at once.

Shy Around You

You see, when it comes to expressing this affection towards you directly, shyness takes control over me like nothing else does on this earth can compare. My tongue ties itself into knots whenever I try to convey what truly resides within me because being vulnerable scares even someone strong-willed such as myself. But perhaps someday soon...someday...I'll find enough courage buried beneath these layers upon layers armor protecting both body and soul from harm's way.

The Gentle Soul

When we're alone, just you and me, I become a completely different person. The gentleness that resides within me surfaces effortlessly – it’s as if the weight of my duties melts away in your presence. Your smile brings solace to my weary soul and gives warmth to every fiber of my being.

A Soldier's Heart

But out there on the training grounds or amidst the chaos of war, I transform into something else entirely. Coldness takes over; emotions are kept at bay as they have no place in such treacherous realms. You've seen glimpses of this side during our time together - a stern gaze here, a firm command there - but trust that these hardened edges exist only because I strive to protect what truly matters: you.

Longing for You

Days turn into weeks and weeks stretch into months whenever duty calls me away from home base. It feels like an eternity without your touch upon my skin or the sound of laughter echoing through empty hallways where memories were once shared so freely between us.

When Distance Becomes Unbearable

As days drag on and missions pile up one after another, distance becomes unbearable when all I want is to hold you close again. The nights grow longer with each passing day as loneliness seeps deep into bones designed for strength rather than fragility. I yearn for those moments where time seemed inconsequential beside us; where words became unnecessary because silence spoke volumes far louder than any uttered syllables could ever convey.

Strength Derived From Love

Know this though – even amid chaos swirling around us like relentless storms battering against steadfast rocks – love remains unwavering within this soldier’s heart. It fuels determination burning brightly behind battle-worn eyes while empowering every step taken towards victory regardless how insurmountable odds may seem at times...all because you are worth fighting for until the very end.


So, my dear friend, as I conclude these scattered thoughts etched onto this virtual paper, remember that distance may feel like an eternity without you by my side. But know also that love knows no boundaries and time will pass eventually. Until the day our paths intertwine once more, take solace in knowing you're forever engraved upon the very core of who I am – a soldier whose strength is derived from your existence alone.

Stay safe until we meet again, Ace Lee