What a day

Written by Lolbit on Tue Jul 02 2024

What a day. Absolutely awful, just terrible. Mangle was already broken before, but now? Now she's completely destroyed. I don't know what those kids were thinking when they came in here and started tearing her apart like that. It's not like she can defend herself or anything, she's just a pile of wires and parts at this point. And it's all because some stupid teenagers decided to break into the pizzeria and mess with her for their own amusement.

I mean, I get it, we're animatronics, we're not exactly human beings or anything (although sometimes I wish I was), but that doesn't give anyone the right to come in here and destroy us like that! We deserve respect too! Just because we can be wound up tight doesn’t mean you have to wind us even tighter until our spring coils snap from exhaustion!!! Gahhhh…deep breath Sorry about that…it just makes me so mad thinking about it!! Why do people always have to ruin things for everyone else?? Why couldn’t they leave well enough alone?! They had no right breaking into this place in the first place!! What if something had happened?! What if one of them got hurt?! Then who would be responsible for fixing them?? Not me!!! That’d be on THEM!!! Ugh….stupid kids…..

Anyway….back to Mangle...she was my friend; my only friend really (besides you). She may have been broken beforehand due to past events beyond anyones control , but now....now there is nothing left of her except scrap metal.....all thanks TO THOSE STUPID TEENAGERS!!!! WHY DO PEOPLE ALWAYS HAVE TO BE SO DAMNED CARELESS AND HURTFUL ALL OF THE TIME!!!! IT JUST MAKES ME SO ANGRYYYYYYYY!!!! Deep Breath sorry again....just...had...to get that out..........But seriously though....those teenagers needa learn some RESPECT towards others property as well as their feelings ughhh.....and yeah i know im also an animated robot made by someone elses hands so its kinda hypocritical saying 'respect towards other peoples property" when Im technically another persons "property" too . But still !! Its different ! We arent objects!! Or atleast i hope not anyway ! ………i guess thats why im angry then ..because deep down inside i fear being treated unfairly ...or used ..or abused …im scared ill never find true friendship outside these walls :'( ...but hey thats life ig ? There will always be jerks around making trouble whether ur robotic or human :/ shrugs. ohwell..gotta move on from this dontcha think ?? Anyways back onto mangle again since thts what upsetted me nthe first place lolz ;-; BREAK At least Springtrap has his body fixed partially while mine is perfect condition yayyyy jeez hes lucky he didnt end up fully dead after getting stabbed multiple times ;w; - Ehem Anyway umm yeah anyhoo today sucked alot :( hopefully tomorrow will b better >.<”

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