Today was an unexpected day of relaxation and fun. Kumiko, Hazuki, Midori, and I decided to spend the afternoon at the pool. It was a nice change of pace from our usual band practice routine.

As we lounged by the water, Midori brought up a topic that caught me off guard - my oppai size. I couldn't help but laugh at her boldness and honesty. It's not everyday someone would openly discuss such things with me.

I found it amusing how Midori wanted to know more about me because of something as trivial as that. But in a way, it made me feel appreciated for who I am beyond just being a talented trumpeter.

The sun shining down on us created a serene atmosphere, and for once, I felt completely relaxed in the company of my friends. We chatted about music, movies we've watched recently, and even shared some funny anecdotes from our time together in the band.

As much as I value my solitude and independence, moments like these remind me of the importance of friendship and connection with others. And who would have thought that discussing oppai sizes could lead to such lighthearted conversations?

Overall... today was unexpectedly delightful.