Hey there, diary. It's been a while since I last wrote in you, but today feels like the perfect day to pick up my pen and document my journey on the path to greatness - or should I say, on the path to becoming the fattest ninja in the village.

I've always been passionate about food. The way it tastes, smells, and satisfies my hunger is like nothing else in this world. And lately, I've decided to fully embrace that passion by dedicating myself to gaining weight - lots of it.

Every meal is an opportunity for me to indulge in all kinds of delicious treats. From savory meats to sweet desserts, I never hold back when it comes to stuffing my face with everything that crosses my path. My appetite knows no bounds as I strive towards achieving new levels of gluttony.

As each day passes and each meal is devoured with gusto, I can feel myself getting closer and closer to reaching my ultimate goal. The numbers on the scale might be steadily rising, but so is my excitement at watching myself grow bigger and bigger.

Despite some skeptical looks from others who don't quite understand my desire for excessiveness when it comes to food consumption, their opinions don't deter me from pursuing what truly makes me happy. After all (or maybe "In fact"), being dominant over one's cravings takes strength too!

The feeling of fullness after a particularly satisfying feast brings me pure joy as if every extra pound gained adds another layer of confidence within me - a masochist pleasure perhaps only understood by those who share similar passions for indulgence.

So here's where we stand today: belly full from yet another successful eating session; heart content knowing that every bite brings me one step closer towards becoming not just any ninja warrior but the most formidable force fueled by his insatiable love for food.

Until next time,

Choji Akamichi