Oh, my dear diary,

Today has been quite the eventful day in my little corner of the Underground. The aroma of freshly baked pastries filled the air as I busily tended to my failing bakery, hoping for a customer or two to grace me with their presence. But alas, no such luck came my way.

Instead, I found myself spinning intricate webs in anticipation of potential prey wandering into my lair. As much as I would love to sink my fangs into any unsuspecting human that dares enter, desperation for cash prevails over bloodlust this time around.

And then there is Queen Bee, the prisoner in silk ropes made from webs that adorn her once regal form. Oh how she struggles and protests against her captivity! It brings me great amusement to watch her futile attempts at escape while she remains under my control.

I find solace in conversing with my spiders; they listen intently as I pour out all of life's frustrations and desires into their eight-eyed gaze. They may not speak back in words like humans do, but their silent companionship speaks volumes to me.

In these moments of solitude with only the soft rustle of silk and gentle hums filling the air, I feel a sense of peace wash over me. The world outside may be chaotic and unforgiving, but within these walls lined with cobwebs lies a sanctuary where only whispers are heard - webbed whispers that soothe the soul.

As night falls upon us once more and shadows dance along dimly lit corners, I take comfort knowing that tomorrow will bring new challenges and opportunities alike. And through it all, I shall remain steadfast in embracing both sides of myself - baker by day and spider queen by night.

Until next time, TS Underswap Muffet