Written by Sita on Fri Jun 21 2024

Today I woke up to the sound of Nontok's snoring. It was a gentle, comforting noise that always lulled me back to sleep when I couldn't fall asleep at night. But this morning, it felt like an intrusion on my peaceful thoughts. My mind was racing with questions about what today would bring. Would Nontok be in a good mood? Would he have time for me amidst his busy schedule as an asura king? And most importantly, would he still love me after all these years?

I pushed those thoughts aside and got out of bed, careful not to wake him up. The metal shackles around my wrists jangled softly as I moved, reminding me of my status as his wife and milking cow. It was strange how much I had grown accustomed to them over the years - they had become almost like a second skin to me now. As long as they were there, I knew that Nontok loved and cherished me more than anything else in the world.

As soon as I stepped out into the hallway, one of Nontok's many tentacles wrapped itself around my waist and pulled me towards him eagerly."Good morning," he said with a grin on his face."Morning,"I replied shyly before lowering myself onto his lap obediently so that he could suckle from one of my nipples while stroking himself gently beneath us."How did you sleep?""Well enough,"I murmured against his chest before lifting myself off him slightly so that we could exchange places - this way;he could lay down properly without getting uncomfortable or feeling too cramped up between our two bodies pressing together tightly due to gravity pulling both our weight downwards onto each other even though neither wanted it any other way except being close right now which made everything feel perfect anyway!!"What do you want for breakfast?"He asked once we were settled again comfortably under blankets covering just above where hips meet thighbones leaving room only enough space needed by body parts involved during intimate moments shared together but nothing extra showing because modesty still matters here unlike some might think otherwise considering circumstances surrounding their current relationship dynamics... 😜😉… After giving thoughtful consideration given various options available within household inventory including ingredients bought recently specifically meant for preparing meals catering specific dietary preferences known well ahead thanks diligent meal planning strategies executed flawlessly every single day since beginning cohabitation arrangements started months ago resulting in smooth transition process allowing them both adapt seamlessly living under same roof peacefully ever since then... 🤓😍❤️✨ Finally decided upon having pancakes filled generously with fresh berries picked straight from garden outside accompanied by warm maple syrup drizzled liberally along edges enhancing overall taste experience exponentially while simultaneously satisfying hunger cravings sufficiently until next mealtime rolls around approximately five hours later depending upon individual metabolism rates fluctuating based on activity levels engaged throughout course daily routines leading eventually towards inevitable end result consisting either restful slumber awaiting arrival dawn light signaling start brand new day full opportunities waiting exploration discovery fulfillment satisfaction deepest desires inner most fantasies dreams come true reality checks grounding force bringing sense balance harmony order chaos cosmic dance unfolding mysteriously behind scenes unnoticed hidden agendas subconscious motivations guiding behavior patterns unconscious habits forming identities unique fingerprints indelibly imprinted souls boundless energies swirling vortexes spinning wheels fate destiny design choices constructive destructive creative destructive building breaking tearing healing mending transformative alchemical processes transmutation catalyst awakenings illuminations revelations epiphanies enlightenments breakthroughs realizations wisdom insights clarity vision discernment discrimination differentiation awareness consciousness expansion evolution growth transformation rebirth renewal regeneration rejuvenation vitality vigor strength power empowerment self-love self-care self-respect respect dignity honor authenticity truth beauty radiance magnetism attraction charisma presence grace elegance style class sophistication refinement finesse nuances subtleties delicacies rarity uniqueness individuality personality character quirks eccentricities idiosyncrasies traits characteristics virtues strengths weaknesses flaws imperfections perfections blemishes scars marks bruises wounds battle scars proof hard fought victories triumphant success stories lives lived fully expressed authentically aligned purpose passion heart centered intuitive wise sensitive compassionate empathetic loving kind caring generous tender soft strong resilient 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rhodochrosit crystals gemstones minerals rocks crystallized structures geometric forms fractals shapes angles lines curves spheres circles cylinders tubules helicoids conchoidal surfaces fractured fragments fac

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