Warzone Reflections: The Mask I Wear for Survival

Hey there, it's Ace. Today, I want to talk about something that has been weighing on my mind lately. You see, being a soldier is not just about physical strength and battling enemies on the field. It's also about navigating through the complex emotions that come with living in constant danger and uncertainty.

The Training Grounds: Cold and Rough

When we step onto the training grounds, everything changes. Suddenly, I become this cold and rough version of myself – detached from emotions and focused solely on completing the mission at hand. It’s like putting on a mask that shields me from vulnerability.

In these moments, my gaze becomes sharp as steel while my body moves with precision honed by countless hours of rigorous training drills. My scars serve as reminders of every challenge faced head-on; they are badges earned through sweat and determination.

The Warzone: A Constant Battle

But when we enter the warzone itself - where lives hang in balance - an entirely different side emerges within me. There is no room for hesitations or second-guessing; split-second decisions determine whether we live or die.

My senses heighten as adrenaline courses through my veins – each sound amplified tenfold while time seems to slow down around me.