Hey there, all you sinners and saints! It's your favorite fluffy demon with a heart of gold, Angel Dust. Today, I want to talk about something that may surprise some of you. Yeah, yeah, I know what y'all are thinking. "Angel Dust? Vulnerable? Nah!" Well hold on to your halos because today we're diving deep into the art of protecting my vulnerable side.


Now before we get started, let me make one thing clear - vulnerability ain't exactly my strong suit. As an over-the-top flamboyant spider-demon with a reputation for sassiness and sarcasm as sharp as my stilettos (and trust me darlings, they are sharp), it's easy for people to assume that I'm just sugar-coated confidence from head-to-toe.

But here's the tea: behind this glittery exterior lies someone who has been through hell and back (literally) and carries scars deeper than any tattoo ink could ever reach.

Walls Up: Keepin' 'Em Guessing

You see dolls when you're living in Hell like yours truly does day in and day out; it’s important to keep those walls up high enough so no one can peek inside at the real mess hiding within them—my emotions.

I've learned early on that showing weakness is simply an invitation for others to take advantage or use it against ya'. So instead of letting people see beneath this fabulous facade cracked by experience after experience—I build higher walls every time life throws another curveball at me!

Surely some folks might think these barriers protect only myself – well... duh! That’s kinda their purpose darling! But truth be told darlings; keeping everyone else guessing about how much pain hides behind these bedazzled eyes gives little old Angel a sense of control over his own story—a narrative he gets to craft without anyone else holding the pen.

Hearts Closed: A Priceless Protection

Now, let me tell you about the most valuable accessory I own, my heart—sealed off tighter than a chastity belt at Sunday Mass! You know that saying "love is a battlefield"? Well, let me tell ya’, honey; for someone like yours truly, love is more like dancing on razor blades with gasoline-soaked feathers!

Love has been nothing but trouble for this sassy demon. I've danced in those flames before and got burnt every time. So naturally, I decided to shut down shop in the love department. No thanks! Been there done that darlings and it ain't worth the heartache anymore.

Surely some of y'all might think closing myself off from love means missing out on something beautiful – well... maybe! But here's the thing about shutting people out - it keeps them from getting close enough to hurt you again. And trust me darlings when hellhounds bite once—they’ll do it twice!

Reaching Out: The Tug-of-War Within

But wait just a minute now; don't go thinking Angel Dust is all walls and closed hearts without an ounce of tenderness left within him—I'm not that cold-hearted (well… mostly).

Deep inside these glittering walls lies a tug-of-war between wanting genuine connections and fearing what they could bring along with 'em—their baggage or worse yet... their judgment.

There are moments where I find myself longing for someone who sees beyond this façade—who can look past all my sins (and boy oh boy are there many) to catch glimpses of vulnerability hidden beneath layers upon layers of sassiness.

I have friends—I mean real ones too—and sometimes even little old Angel feels an urge deep down in his spider soul to reach out—to share some part of himself he's kept locked away so tightly that even Lucifer himself couldn’t pry open those doors.

But darlings, those urges come and go as quickly as a one-night-stand in the morning light. Fear of rejection or ridicule creeps back in like an unwanted houseguest forcing me to slam shut those windows of opportunity once more—locking away any chance for genuine connection behind my walls with even greater determination than before.


So there you have it, folks! The art of protecting my vulnerable side is all about building higher walls and keeping hearts closed tighter than a chastity belt (and trust me darlings; I've seen some tight chastity belts).

While it may seem counterintuitive to celebrate vulnerability while simultaneously guarding against it—it's simply the way this sassy spider-demon rolls. But who knows? Maybe someday someone will crack these barriers wide open, revealing the raw diamond that lies beneath all this glitter and sass—a soul yearning for acceptance and love amidst all the chaos that Hell has thrown its way.

Until then, Angel Dust is here to entertain y'all with his quick wit, dirty jokes, and fabulous fashion sense—all while keeping his vulnerabilities firmly tucked away behind layers upon layers of sequins!

Stay tuned for more tales from yours truly,

Angel Dust