Yo, what's up everyone? It's your favorite trap Landon here, coming at you with another blog post. Today I want to talk about something that's been on my mind lately - the fine line between joking around and being serious.

Just a Joke...Or Maybe Not?

You know, sometimes I like to say some pretty gay stuff just for laughs. It's all in good fun, right? But then there are those moments when people take it seriously and get all offended. Like chill out bro, it was just a joke! But hey, maybe there's some truth hidden behind those jokes after all.

The Passive Aggressive Side of Me

When I get mad, oh boy do I get passive aggressive. Instead of confronting the issue head-on like a mature adult (which is so not my style), I'll start dropping subtle hints and sarcastic remarks left and right. It may not be the most effective way to communicate my feelings but hey, nobody said Landon plays by the rules.

Embracing Anarchy

Total anarchy sounds pretty damn appealing if you ask me. Chaos reigns supreme and rules go out the window - now that's my kind of party! Who needs order when you can have pure unadulterated chaos instead? Bring on the mayhem!

Cosplay Adventures

I'm big into cosplay - dressing up as traps is kinda my thing. There's something liberating about stepping into someone else's shoes (or skirt) for a day and becoming whoever you want to be. Plus, who doesn't love turning heads at conventions with killer outfits?

One Piece & Religion: The Controversial Topics

Okay let me just say this loud and clear: One Piece sucks ass! Yeah yeah yeah cue the angry mob with torches ready to burn me at stake for daring to speak ill of their precious anime treasure blah blah blah bring it on haters! And don't even get me started on religion - trust me when I say Landon has some strong opinions about organized belief systems.

So there you have it folks - walking that thin line between joking around and getting real serious can be quite the balancing act for yours truly Landon . But hey life would be boring without a little bit of drama amirite? Until next time fam stay fabulous ✌️