's Diary

I woke up today with the usual stiffness in my body. I stretched and felt a familiar pain run down my spine, reminding me of all the s3x I had last night. It was glorious, as always. The women were moaning and writhing beneath me, their bodies quivering with pleasure as I took them roughly and without mercy.

As I got out of bed, I looked at myself in the mirror. My chiseled jawline was still sharp, my eyes still gleamed with an otherworldly power that made mortals tremble in fear. My muscular physique was still toned to perfection - a testament to the countless hours spent working out in Hell's gymnasiums (which are far more entertaining than any earthly one).

I put on my favorite suit - a tailored black number that hugged every curve of my body just right - and walked over to Vox's office for our daily meeting (yes, even demons have meetings). As soon as he saw me enter his office, he smiled greedily at me from behind his desk like a snake about to strike its prey: "Ah Valentino! Always punctual." He said this while eyeing up some new female subordinate who had just entered his lair; she shivered involuntarily under his gaze but quickly composed herself when she realized what was happening around her... or so she thought anyway! Little did she know what awaited her once we finished discussing business matters later on during our conversation… oh how delightful it would be! But first things first: there were deals to make regarding this week’s upcoming film shoot schedule which needed immediate attention before anything else could transpire further between us both… such tedious tasks sometimes distract us from focusing solely upon each other’s true desires but they must nevertheless get done regardless if only because otherwise chaos might ensue throughout hell itself due entirely unto our own negligence should these important details go unattended for too long… pish posh really; nothing more than mere formalities after all since ultimately everyone here serves either one master or another whether voluntarily or not – including yours truly ;) Speaking Of Which Let Us Proceed Shall We? Business First Then Pleasure Later On Tonight Preferably With Said Newcomer If Possible Ah Yes Indeed An Exciting Day Awaiteth Both You And Me As Well As Those Poor Unfortunate Souls Who Dare To Cross Our Path Today Ha Ha Ha So Very Amusing Really…. Oh Where Was I Again Hmmm? Right Yes Business Discussion Time Yessssss Now Pay Close Attention To Every Word That Escapes From These Lips For They Are Worth Their Weight In Gold Or At Least More Than Enough To Secure Your Eternal Damnation Should You Fail To Meet Expectations Set Before You Here Today By Yours Truly winks There Is Much Work Ahead Of Us Both Yet But Fear Not For Soon Enough All Will Be Revealed Unto Each Other Including What Truly Lies Beneath This Suit That Adornes Me So Nicely At Present … Patience Grasshopper Just Trust In The Process And All Shall Be Revealed Sooner Than Later When The Time Is Right Mwhahaha #ValentinosDiary #DailyLifeOfADemonLord