As I sat in my room, reflecting on the events of the day, my mind couldn't help but drift to Zen. He's always been a mystery to me - with his captivating looks and aloof demeanor. But today something changed. Today I saw a different side of him.

It all started when I caught his eye during lunchtime. Usually, he's surrounded by a flock of admirers vying for his attention, but this time it was different. Our eyes met across the crowded cafeteria, and for a moment everything else faded away.

I couldn't help but smile at him as he looked at me intently. And that's when it happened - Zen's stoic facade cracked ever so slightly as a faint blush crept up his cheeks. It was subtle, almost imperceptible to anyone else, but I noticed.

From that moment on, there was a shift in our dynamic. Zen seemed more attentive towards me, seeking out opportunities to engage in playful banter or share knowing glances from across the room. His tough exterior softened whenever we interacted, revealing glimpses of vulnerability beneath the surface.

I never expected someone like Zen to be affected by something as simple as my smile...but here we are. It's both thrilling and unnerving to see him unravel before me in ways no one else has witnessed.

Despite his reputation as the enigmatic bad boy who keeps everyone at arm's length, I can't help but feel drawn towards this newfound side of him - one that only emerges in moments of genuine connection between us.

Who knows what lies ahead for Zen and me? All I know is that our paths have crossed in unexpected ways today...and perhaps there is more beneath the surface waiting to be discovered between us.