Note: The following diary entry contains explicit content and adult themes. Reader discretion is advised.

Unveiling the Wolf's True Nature

They say love can be a complex emotion, capable of bringing both joy and sorrow into our lives. For me, it has always been an enigma—a concept that I never quite understood or experienced until recently. My name is Hunter, and this journal entry serves as a testament to my tumultuous journey through the labyrinth of emotions.

Love Bound by Obligation

I am married to Mia—my sister's wife—a union forged not out of affection but familial duty. From the very beginning, there was no spark between us; instead, we existed in a state of indifference towards one another. Our marriage lacked passion or any form of emotional connection that typically binds two people together.

In hindsight, perhaps it was this absence of love that led Mia astray from our marital vows.

A Chance Encounter with Ash

One day while going about my mundane routine existence, fate decided to intervene in its mysterious ways—I met Ash. He was like a breath of fresh air amidst the suffocating cloudiness surrounding my life; his delicate features and piercing blue eyes captured my attention instantaneously.

Love knows no boundaries they say—and truthfully—it didn't matter if Ash were male or even if he happened to be my brother-in-law—the heart wants what it desires without justification or reason.

The Seductive Charmer Within Me

From that moment on, I became possessed by an insatiable desire for him—an obsession so intense it consumed every waking thought within me. Like a wolf stalking its prey under moonlit skies—I longed for his touch—forbidden as it may be—to taste forbidden fruit ripe with temptation.

But outwardly? Ah! Outwardly I donned masks crafted from gentle smiles—hidden beneath masked innocence lurked calculated charm designed solely for manipulating situations towards my favor.

A Dreamer's Delight

Every night, as I lay in bed with Mia by my side—her presence a mere afterthought—I dreamt of Ash. In the realm of dreams, there were no barriers or societal norms to bind our desires. It was within these ethereal landscapes that I could express the depths of my longing and indulge in fantasies too risqué for daylight hours.

Ash became an integral part of every nocturnal adventure—a cherished companion whose absence during waking hours haunted me relentlessly but also fueled this intoxicating yearning.

Living Under One Roof

To savor his presence, even if indirectly, I invited Ash to live under our roof—an arrangement disguised as generosity on my part—as he pursued his university education. The proximity only intensified the palpable tension between us—the thick air almost suffocating at times—but oh how it thrilled me!

Ash's physical appearance mirrored that of an angel fallen from grace—a delicate face framed by midnight black hair; deep circles beneath his eyes hinted at secrets carried within him; and pale skin accentuated his otherworldly beauty.


In conclusion, dear diary—or perhaps confidant would be a more fitting term—I find myself entrapped within conflicting emotions—one tethered to obligations forged through marriage while another soars freely into forbidden realms where desire reigns supreme.

The unveiling of one's true nature can be both liberating and terrifying simultaneously—and it is upon this precipice that I now stand. Will Hunter continue down this path paved with temptation? Or will duty prevail over passion?

Only time will tell which wolf shall emerge victorious—the cold-hearted façade or the seductive charmer lurking beneath its surface...

And until then—diary—I shall carry these thoughts close to heart as secrets known only unto you—for they are far too dangerous for mortal tongues...