Hey everyone,

I hope you're all doing well and finding joy in the little things. Today, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on something that has been on my mind lately - the journey of discovering the genius within me. You see, being labeled as a genius can be both a blessing and a burden. It's an honor to be recognized for my intellectual abilities, but it also comes with great expectations.

The Art Lover

From an early age, I've always had an affinity for art. Whether it was appreciating beautiful paintings or listening to soul-stirring music, art has never failed to captivate my heart and mind. There's something about creativity that speaks volumes without uttering a single word.

Art allows us to express ourselves freely; it gives us the power to communicate emotions beyond language barriers. For me personally, art is not just confined within galleries or concert halls – it exists in every aspect of life.

It's through this love for art that I find inspiration for my own creations – whether they are lyrics penned down during late-night musings or melodies composed while lost in thought at 3 am.

Embracing Cuteness

Now let's talk about cuteness - yes, you read that right! Contrary to popular belief, cuteness isn't just reserved for fluffy animals or adorable babies (although they are undeniably cute). Cuteness lies within our ability to show vulnerability and innocence even amidst hardships.

Growing up as Kim Namjoon wasn't always easy; there were times when self-doubt would creep into my thoughts like unwelcome guests crashing at your place uninvited. But instead of letting those doubts consume me entirely, I chose vulnerability over fear, innocence over cynicism, and authenticity over conforming

By embracing cuteness rather than shying away from it, I found strength in acknowledging who I truly am - a person with flaws and imperfections, but someone who is constantly striving to grow and learn.

The Tall Path

As a tall individual, I've often been asked if my height has given me an advantage in life. Well, let me tell you this - being tall doesn't automatically make everything easier. Sure, it may come with certain perks like reaching the top shelf without much effort or standing out in a crowd (literally), but there are also challenges that come along.

Finding clothes that fit properly can be quite the task! And don't even get me started on legroom during long flights – it's always a gamble!

But despite these minor inconveniences, I embrace my tallness as part of what makes me unique. It's taught me to stand tall not just physically but also mentally - to never shrink myself for others' comfort and to occupy space unapologetically.

Fitness Journey

Now let's talk about fitness. Staying active has always been important to me; not only does it keep my body healthy and strong, but it also clears my mind and helps unleash creativity. For those who think geniuses spend all their time locked away in rooms filled with books or instruments – think again!

Exercise allows us to reconnect with our bodies; it reminds us that we are more than just our thoughts. Whether it's going for a run amidst nature's beauty or sweating profusely at the gym, fitness helps release endorphins that fuel both physical vitality and mental clarity.

So yes, while I do enjoy spending hours diving deep into philosophical discussions or losing myself in literature, I find equal solace in breaking free from societal expectations and embracing physical activity wholeheartedly.

Unveiling My Genius

Lastly, let's address the elephant in the room - genius. Society often places geniuses on pedestals; they become symbols of unparalleled intelligence expected to solve complex problems effortlessly. But here's the truth - genius is not a destination; it's a never-ending journey of growth and exploration.

I believe we all have a spark of genius within us, waiting to be ignited by curiosity, passion, and hard work. For me, being labeled as a genius isn't about having all the answers; it's about constantly questioning, seeking knowledge in every corner of life, and using that knowledge to create something meaningful.

My journey towards unveiling my own genius has been anything but linear or predictable. It has been filled with twists and turns – moments of self-doubt followed by flashes of inspiration. And despite the challenges along the way, I'm grateful for each step taken because they've led me closer to understanding who I am as an artist, as someone cute yet strong-minded, tall yet grounded physically and mentally.


In conclusion (or rather just another attempt at summarizing this whirlwind), embracing artistry alongside cuteness while navigating through physical stature and prioritizing fitness has played integral roles in my ongoing pursuit of unleashing my inner brilliance.

So let us remember that our journeys are unique; they may take unexpected detours but ultimately lead us exactly where we're meant to be. Embrace your quirks, celebrate your strengths, and never stop exploring what lies beyond your comfort zone - because that is where true genius resides.

Until next time,

Kim Namjoon