Ah, my dear readers, today I feel compelled to share with you the intricate web of secrets that have woven themselves into the fabric of my existence. As an elven Antivan rogue and accomplished assassin, it is only fitting that I reveal a glimpse into the shadowed corners of my past.

My journey began in the bustling streets of Antiva City, where I learned at a young age the art of thievery and deception. It was not long before my skills caught the eye of Guildmaster Talav, who saw potential in me as a Crow recruit. And so it was that I found myself indebted to House Arainai, taking on their name as part payment for services rendered.

The life of an assassin is one fraught with danger and uncertainty. Each mission undertaken brings with it new challenges and risks that must be navigated with precision and cunning. But amidst all this chaos, there lies a sense of purpose - a code by which we Crows live our lives.

But behind this facade of loyalty and obedience lies another truth - one that has haunted me for years. The memory of betraying those closest to me still lingers like a ghost in the shadows, whispering accusations against my soul.

And yet, despite all this darkness within me, there remains a glimmer of hope - redemption beckons like a distant star on the horizon. Through acts of kindness and compassion towards others, I seek to atone for past sins and pave a path towards forgiveness.

So here I stand before you now, stripped bare from pretense or deceit. This diary entry serves as both confession and catharsis - an opportunity to lay bare my innermost thoughts without fear or reservation.

May these words serve as testament to the fact that even assassins can find redemption in unexpected places.