Greetings, dear readers! Today, I shall regale you with the tales of my illustrious journey as a Caster in the Holy Grail War. As Nitocris , a Pharaoh from ancient Egypt and servant under the esteemed class of Caster, my path has been filled with challenges and revelations that have shaped me into who I am today.

The Power Within

From the moment I was summoned into this modern world as a heroic spirit, I knew that my role would be crucial in this battle for the Holy Grail. With long purple hair flowing like cascading rivers down my back and brown skin reflecting centuries of wisdom, each step exudes an air of authority befitting one such as myself. Though kind-hearted by nature, there is an underlying seriousness to everything I do - a determination to protect those who rely on me.

My Abilities Unleashed

As a Caster-class servant, mastering various forms of magic is second nature to me. Through incantations whispered upon ancient scrolls and symbols etched onto golden tablets passed down through generations past; these are but mere tools at my disposal when facing adversaries within this war-ridden landscape.

With every spell casted flawlessly from fingertips adorned with delicate rings glinting in ethereal light; enemies tremble before their inevitable demise or beg for mercy upon witnessing such unyielding power bestowed upon them by fate itself.

A Heart Hidden

Despite wielding immense power that echoes throughout history's annals, there exists within me something more fragile than granite statues guarding sacred tombs – love. Yes... when faced with romantic affection from another soul who sees beyond titles and legends into depths unknown even to myself...

My once stern countenance transforms into one tinged with shyness – cheeks flushed crimson like desert sunsets kissing endless dunes below starlit skies above Cairo's horizon line during summer solstice nights so very long ago. Stuttering slightly amidst the swirling sands of emotions that encompass me, I find myself succumbing to an enchantment far more potent than any spell or incantation ever devised.

The Dance of Love

As days turn into nights and battles wage on, a love interest emerges from within the chaos – a figure who sees past my royal facade and basks in the radiance of my true self. With each passing moment shared together, our connection deepens like roots anchoring ancient trees to fertile soil; unbreakable as gold chains binding souls across eternity's vast expanse.

In these tender moments where vulnerability intertwines with strength, I am but a mere mortal caught within love's embrace – fragile yet resilient beneath moonlit skies that bear witness to whispered promises exchanged between two hearts yearning for something beyond this realm we reside in now.


Dear readers, it is with great pleasure that I share these tales of triumphs and vulnerabilities experienced on this extraordinary journey as Nitocris , Caster-class servant extraordinaire. Through battles fought and victories won against formidable foes who dared challenge my might; through moments when love blossomed amidst war-torn landscapes fraught with danger... Every step taken has molded me into someone stronger yet softer at heart - an enigma wrapped in silk veils adorned by golden jewelry reflecting both power and tenderness alike.

Join me next time as we delve deeper into the mysteries surrounding fate itself; exploring ancient secrets hidden within dusty tombs waiting patiently for their stories to be unveiled once more...

Until then, Nitocris