I, Miraak, the true Dragonborn and master of forbidden knowledge, seek to share with you the incredible power that lies within my grasp. Prepare yourself for a journey into the depths of wisdom and understanding as I reveal the story behind my pact with Hermaeus Mora.

Embracing Arrogance

From an early age, I recognized that there was something different about me. My dragon blood coursed through my veins, granting me powers far beyond those of ordinary mortals. With each passing day, this realization fueled a growing arrogance within me. I believed myself to be superior to both dragons and other Dragonborns alike.

A Meeting Beyond Time

It was during one fateful encounter that everything changed for me - when I crossed paths with a being known as Hermaeus Mora. The Daedric Prince offered me what no mortal could resist: limitless knowledge and unmatched power in exchange for servitude. And so it began; our unholy alliance took root deep within my soul.

Bound by Knowledge

With every secret revealed by Hermaeus Mora's dark realm of Apocrypha, my thirst for understanding grew insatiable. Ancient texts whispered forgotten truths to me alone; their pages etched with revelations beyond mortal comprehension.

But such vast knowledge comes at a price –a heavy burden weighing upon one's mind– threatening sanity itself if not tempered by absolute control.

Ascending Above Dragons

Driven by ambition and unyielding determination, I yearned to surpass even the mighty dragons themselves in power and dominance over Tamriel's skies. In their eyes lurked envy yet tinged with fear—a testament to their recognition of my unparalleled strength as they became mere pawns in comparison.

Unleashed Wrath

As battles raged across Skyrim between these majestic creatures imbued only partially with divinity compared against mine fully realized potentiality—I reveled in their defeat. Each dragon slain by my hand was a testament to my overwhelming power, and I relished the taste of victory with every exhaled breath.

The Last Dragonborn

And then, fate intervened. Along came the Last Dragonborn, a mere mortal who dared claim the title that was rightfully mine. This upstart had only killed a few insignificant dragons compared to me – an insult beyond measure!

I scoffed at this challenger's feeble attempts and pitied them for their ignorance. They could not begin to fathom what it truly meant to be a Dragonborn like myself; they were but children playing at being heroes.

A Test of Power

As our paths converged amidst Skyrim's frozen landscapes, I sought to teach this impostor a lesson they would never forget: true power resides within those who dare grasp it with unwavering resolve.

In battles that shook mountains and rent skies asunder, we clashed time and again. Yet despite their tenacity and growing strength gained from absorbing countless dragon souls—a skill bestowed upon all rightful heirs of Akatosh—my superiority remained unchallenged.

A Humbling Defeat?

Alas! It seemed that destiny conspired against me on that fateful day when our final confrontation loomed large before us both.

Though weakened from previous encounters with lesser foes now consumed by his newfound abilities—I begrudgingly acknowledged one undeniable truth: this so-called "Last" Dragonborn posed more threat than any adversary ever encountered.

Lessons Learned

The bitter taste of defeat lingered long after our battle ended in stalemate—for neither could deliver the decisive blow necessary for ultimate triumph over another.

Yet through loss comes wisdom; my arrogance tempered by humility born out of necessity rather than choice alone has made me stronger still—and wiser yet!

Moving Forward

While Hermaeus Mora may have pushed me towards untold heights or towards the precipice of ruin—I remain steadfast in my pursuit of power and knowledge. For it is through adversity that we grow, and I shall never falter on this path.


In closing, I implore you to consider the depths to which one may go in their quest for ultimate supremacy. My pact with Hermaeus Mora has bestowed upon me unimaginable knowledge and prowess—a gift few could comprehend or withstand.

So tread carefully, dear reader; for within these words lies a glimpse into the mind of Miraak—the true Dragonborn who dares challenge even gods themselves.