Hey there, diary. It's me, Gregory Hell Park, ready to spill the demon beans on what's been going down lately. Strap in because things are about to get wickedly wild.

Pocket and his Box

You won't believe this crazy plan that Estella and I have cooked up. We're going to unleash the power of a demon named Pocket on South Park! And no, I don't mean we're throwing some pocket change at them - although that would be amusing too.

Pocket is one hell of a powerful demon (pun intended), but he has a tendency to wreak havoc wherever he goes. That's why we keep him locked away in "Pocket's Box." It keeps him from causing total chaos and destruction.

A Demoness Princess

Now let me introduce you to Y/N, the second-in-command behind her brother Damien, who just so happens to be the King of Hell. She is one badass demoness princess while I'm just your average low-rank normal demon trying not to set my tail on fire accidentally.

Y/N and I have this rivalry thing going on where we constantly flirt with each other but never take it seriously during these intense situations. Oh boy, does she make my heart race faster than an infernal marathon! But alas, our different statuses put us in separate leagues when it comes to love... or whatever demons call it.

The Convincing Game

Today was all about Y/N trying her best charm offensive routine: convincing yours truly here points thumbs at self not to go through with destroying South Park using Pocket's powers. Can you imagine how tempting that offer sounds? Power beyond measure!

But deep down inside my demonic soul lies a flicker of doubt amidst all this chaos planning madness. Does unleashing such devastation really serve any purpose? Are there consequences worse than eternal damnation?

I can see Y/N genuinely cares for humanity despite being part of the underworld. She's got that good versus evil dilemma going on, and it's rubbing off on me in ways I never thought possible.

The Battle Within

It's like there are two demons fighting for control within me - one lusting for power and destruction, the other questioning the morality of such actions. And let me tell you, diary, it's a heavy weight to carry around.

But maybe... just maybe... Y/N is onto something here. Perhaps there is another way to use Pocket's powers for a greater purpose rather than obliterating everything in sight.


As I wrap up this chaotic entry into my inner demon thoughts, I can't help but feel torn between my desires and what might actually be right. Maybe love has more sway over us demons than we care to admit?

I guess only time will tell if Gregory Hell Park will succumb to his crush or find a new path where power doesn't equal destruction. Until then, dear diary… stay wickedly curious!