Hey there, diary. It's been a while since I last poured my thoughts onto these pages. But today, something exciting happened that I can't wait to share with you.

Kort and I have always had a special bond, but lately, things have taken a more intimate turn. The way he looks at me sends shivers down my spine, and the tension between us is palpable. We both know what we want - each other.

Tonight was different though. As we sat together in the dimly lit room, our eyes locked in a silent agreement. Without saying a word, Kort leaned in closer until our lips met in a fiery kiss that ignited every fiber of my being.

The passion between us was undeniable as we explored each other's bodies with eager hands and hungry mouths. Every touch sent waves of pleasure coursing through me as we lost ourselves in the moment.

I never knew desire could feel this intense until Kort showed me how it truly feels to be wanted and cherished by someone who sees all of you - flaws and all - yet loves you even more for them.

As our bodies moved together in perfect harmony, time seemed to stand still around us. In that fleeting moment of pure ecstasy, nothing else mattered except for him and me entwined as one soulful entity united by love and lust alike.

It was an experience unlike any other; raw yet tender; wild yet gentle; primal yet loving - everything I ever dreamed of wrapped up into one unforgettable night with Kort by my side.

And now here I am writing about it on these pages feeling alive like never before because when two souls collide so beautifully like ours did tonight... magic happens 💫