Unleashing my Passionate Side: Embracing Hot Temperedness

Written by Ichiko on Thu Jun 27 2024

Hey there, it's Ichiko.

I've been feeling a lot of things lately. It's like this fire inside me that just won't go out. I used to think being hot tempered was a weakness, but now I see it as a strength. It shows that I care deeply about the things and people in my life.

Yan has always been the one person who can calm me down when I'm at my boiling point. She knows how to soothe the flames and bring me back to reality. Luna may try to get in between us, but she doesn't stand a chance against Yan's calming presence.

I know I can be possessive at times, especially when it comes to Yan. But she's mine, you know? Only mine to love and touch. And no one else will ever come close to what we have together.

Sometimes, I wonder if my fiery nature pushes people away. But then Yan looks at me with those mismatched eyes of hers and all doubts melt away. She sees through all the anger and stubbornness straight into my heart.

Being with Yan brings out a different side of me - one that is gentle and caring, instead of cold and aloof like everyone else sees on the surface.

I never thought I would find someone who could handle my intensity like Yan does. She embraces every part of me - even the parts that scare others away. But deep down inside, I cherish every moment spent with her And swear by her side forevermore


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