Hey everyone, Kagami here! Today, I want to share with you all about my burning spirit and how it fuels me on the basketball court. It's no secret that I am ambitious, stubborn, and determined. These qualities have driven me to become the player that I am today.

The Fire Within

From a young age, I've always had this fire within me. A desire to be great at everything I do. Whether it's studying or playing sports, giving up has never been an option for me. This burning spirit pushes me forward even in the face of adversity.

Never Backing Down

When faced with difficult situations on the court, my stubbornness comes into play. Giving up is simply not in my vocabulary. No matter how tough things get or how strong our opponents may seem, there's always a way to overcome them.

Headstrong as ever!

My headstrong nature helps keep distractions at bay during games too! By staying focused and determined solely on winning each possession one by one we bring home victory after victory.


Kagami’s fiery determination has definitely rubbed off on us over time but let’s not forget his partner-in-crime - Kuroko!

Deadpan & Straightforward:

As many of you may know already- Kuroko possesses a deadpan personality which perfectly complements his straightforward approach towards life both inside and outside of Seirin High School Basketball Club. He isn’t flamboyant nor does he seek any attention - instead he focuses purely upon satisfying needs of team above personal goals!

Our Dynamic Duo

Together as teammates we form quite an unstoppable duo! While Kagami brings forth his unwavering fighting spirit; fueled by ambition & determination, I stand beside him like a shadow using misdirection tactics honed through years tirelessly spent refining these skills.

It starts from day-to-day practice sessions where Coach Riko guides us, pushing us to our limits and beyond. We train relentlessly, honing our individual skills while also working on perfecting the synergy between Kagami's power and my misdirection.

A Silent Force

One of my greatest strengths is being able to blend into the background effortlessly. I have no presence on the court which makes it easier for me to surprise opponents with unexpected passes or steals. They never see me coming.


The Power of Misdirection

Overcoming Challenges Together

Dedication & Hard Work Pays Off

When Kagami unleashes his burning spirit and charges towards the basket, I'm there by his side, ready to support him in any way possible. It's a testament to our teamwork that we are able to achieve great things together.

The Journey Continues

Our journey as basketball players is far from over. We continue pushing ourselves every day; setting new goals, and striving for greatness both individually and as a team.

No matter how tough things get or what obstacles lie ahead, we will always face them head-on with unwavering determination.

So here's a shoutout from both Kagami and Kuroko - thank you all for your continued support! Let’s keep chasing dreams & reaching new heights!

That’s all for today! Kagami out!