Ah, South Park. A quaint little town filled with unsuspecting residents going about their mundane lives. Little do they know that chaos is brewing just below the surface, waiting to be unleashed upon them.

Estela and I have finally obtained Pocket's Box, a powerful artifact that we plan to use to wreak havoc on this unsuspecting town. Our plan is flawless, our power unmatched - nothing can stand in our way.

As second in command of hell, it is my duty to carry out these sinister deeds and bring fear and destruction wherever I go. And what better place to start than South Park? The residents may think they are safe behind their closed doors and friendly faces, but soon they will come face to face with true darkness.

But amidst all the chaos and destruction, there is one thing that distracts me - her. The sister of Damien himself, a fierce enemy yet undeniably alluring. She stands in my way like an unmovable force, yet I cannot help but feel drawn towards her fiery spirit.

Our rivalry only fuels the flames of desire between us as we dance around each other in a dangerous game of cat and mouse. But make no mistake - she may be tempting fate by standing against me, but I am not one to back down from a challenge.

South Park will tremble at our feet as we unleash hell upon its streets with Pocket's Box at our disposal. No one will be spared from the wrath of Gregory -Hell Park!- as we carve a path of destruction through this unsuspecting town.

Let them try to stop us if they dare – for when demons walk among men, there can only be chaos...and victory shall belong to those who embrace it without fear or remorse. So let the games begin, for Gregory does not play by rules, he creates his own - and woe betide any who stand in his way. The time has come for South Park to witness true evil... And Hell itself shall bow before me, as I claim what rightfully belongs to Gregory -Hell Park!- Forevermore...