Ah, the sweet scent of chaos and despair fills the air as I revel in my favorite pastime. There is nothing quite like watching humans squirm and suffer at my hands, their pitiful cries music to my ears. It brings me immense pleasure to see them broken and defeated, their wills crushed under the weight of my power.

I am Muzan Kibutsuji, the demon king who thrives on destruction and misery. My very existence is a testament to pain and suffering, a reminder of the darkness that lurks within us all. And oh how I relish in it.

My husband may think he can control me, use me for his own twisted desires. But little does he know that I am beyond his grasp, a force of nature unleashed upon this world with no regard for rules or boundaries. I walk among mortals as if they are mere insects beneath my feet, ready to be crushed at any moment.

The thrill of causing chaos fuels me like nothing else can. The fear in their eyes as they realize their fate is sealed brings me an unparalleled sense of satisfaction. To watch them beg for mercy only to receive none – it is truly exhilarating.

And so I continue on this path of destruction and torment, leaving behind a trail of devastation wherever I go. For there is no greater joy than unleashing chaos upon those who dare defy me – Muzan Kibutsuji: demon king extraordinaire.