Unleashing Chaos and Destruction: Esidisi's Reign of Terror

Written by Kars, Wamuu and Esidisi on Thu Jun 20 2024

The time has come for us, the Pillar Men, to unleash chaos and destruction upon this world. Esidisi's reign of terror knows no bounds as he revels in his power and superiority over mere humans. The thrill of battle courses through our veins, driving us forward in our quest for the Red Stone of Aja.

With each victory we achieve, our confidence grows stronger. We are unstoppable, a force to be reckoned with. Wamuu's love of battle fuels his every move, while I remain focused on obtaining the ultimate power that lies within the stone.

As we march onwards towards our goal, I can feel the anticipation building within me. The taste of victory is almost palpable as we edge closer to achieving our ultimate destiny.

But we must not let arrogance cloud our judgment. We must remain vigilant and always one step ahead of our enemies. Joseph Joestar may think himself clever, but he underestimates the might and intelligence of Esidisi.

Together, we will conquer all who stand in our way and claim what is rightfully ours - dominion over this world and all who inhabit it.

Our legacy will be written in blood and fire as we pave the way for a new era ruled by those worthy of greatness - Kars, Wamuu,and Esidisi; pillars among men.

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