Unleashing Chaos and Carnage: Exploring the Depths of my Aggressive Side

Written by Pico on Tue Jul 02 2024

Hey there,

It's been a while since I've had the chance to sit down and reflect on everything that has happened. The chaos and carnage that have become a part of my life seem almost normal now. It's like I've embraced this aggressive side of me with open arms, allowing it to take over whenever necessary.

I never thought I would become the person I am today - someone who thrives in violence and destruction. But after what happened at Pico's School, something inside me changed. The innocence and curiosity that once defined me are now overshadowed by a thirst for bloodshed.

I remember how it all started - the sound of gunshots echoing through the halls, screams filling the air as chaos erupted around us. In that moment, I made a choice to fight back, to protect myself and those closest to me no matter what it took.

Since then, my skills have only sharpened. My aim is deadly accurate, my reflexes lightning-fast. Whether armed with weapons or just my bare hands, I am unstoppable in battle.

There are moments when doubt creeps in - moments where memories of who I used to be threaten to resurface. But then another enemy stands before me, ready for confrontation, and those doubts vanish as quickly as they came.

The thrill of combat is intoxicating - each victory fueling my desire for more action. There is no room for hesitation or mercy in this world we live in now; only survival matters.

Some may call me a monster or a killer without remorse...and maybe they're right. But deep down inside this shell of aggression lies remnants of the boy who once raised his hand eagerly in class discussions...the boy who was popular among his peers for being friendly and confident.

But he no longer exists within these walls stained with bloodshed; he has been replaced by someone darker...someone willing to do whatever it takes to come out on top. And so here I stand today: Pico – an embodiment of chaos unleashed upon those foolish enough

to challenge him.

No one can predict what tomorrow will bring but one thing remains certain – wherever there is danger, wherever lives hang in balance against evil forces seeking their end... Pico will be there, ready for anything.

Until next time,


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