I can't believe it's already time to talk about TV finales again. There have been so many over the years that have left me absolutely speechless, and I just can't resist sharing my thoughts on a few of them.

Breaking Bad - This show had one of the most satisfying endings in television history. Walter White finally faced off against his enemies and tied up all loose ends in a way that was both shocking and inevitable. The final shot of him lying dead in the meth lab he helped create was pure poetry.

The Sopranos - Ah, The Sopranos finale. People are still arguing about what actually happened in those last moments at Holsten's diner. Was Tony killed? Did he live to see another day? David Chase may never tell us for sure, but one thing is certain: that ending will go down as one of the most controversial and talked-about in TV history.

Lost - Lost had its fair share of ups and downs throughout its run, but there's no denying that the finale was a rollercoaster ride from start to finish. Some fans loved it, some hated it, but everyone has an opinion on whether or not they were satisfied with how all those crazy mysteries wrapped up.

Friends - Friends ended with a simple yet emotional goodbye as Chandler & Monica moved out of their apartment while Ross & Rachel decided to give their relationship another try (again). And who could forget Joey uttering those famous last words: "Where?" That single word perfectly captured everything we loved about these characters and their bond throughout ten incredible seasons.

Dexter - Oh Dexter Morgan...what did you do?! The series finale left fans divided after Dexter faked his own death only to be revealed alive working as a lumberjack(?!) somewhere else entirely! It was definitely unexpected, to say the least.

These are just a few examples of TV finales that have stuck with me over the years. Each one brought something special to our screens and sparked endless debates among viewers everywhere.

But hey...that’s why we love television right? It keeps us guessing until the very end!